Meet Radhaa Nilia & Contributing Writers at the Book Event for ‘Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™’

December 03 14:54 2021

About this event: Join us at the Mystical Dragon Bookstore in Carlsbad for this intimate Book Signing Event.

When: December 4th at 1:11 pm pst.

Where: 2860 State St. in Carlsbad, CA.

The event will have refreshments and Hors d’oeuvre. The event starts promptly at 1:11 with a meet and greets followed by introductions with Radhaa and the Contributing Writers. Contributors will Read an expert from their chapters and share their experience with the Goddess Activations™.

A Q&A will follow this with the contributors and Photo Ops. At 2:22, attendees will be guided in a group Healing Meditation to experience some Goddess Energies. Join this incredible Pre-Launch Book Event, followed by 3:33 Final Blessings. Get to know the Goddess in her many faces and forms. This will be an experience of a lifetime.

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Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™ is based on Radhaa’s original healing Modality Goddess Activation. Radhaa has worked with women for over a dozen years in hundreds of sessions and training and had the desire to share some stories as each Goddess Activation™ experience was so unique to the expereincer. This book shares the modality, and the women share their stories and the Goddess Activation™ and their unique Goddess Achytpes. This book is filled with couragous stories of healing and education on the Goddess in her many faces and forms and how she can bring more of a woman’s true essence back to herself. Meet and Greet Goddess Activations™ original modality Creatrix, Radhaa Nilia and contributing writers, Raziel Arcega, Michelle Lopez, Kory Muniz, Alanna Starr and Maya the Shaman at this live event. RSVP at [email protected]

Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™: The Goddesses have been trampled out of temples, written out of the text, and taken out of History. The world is imbalanced because of this, and the Goddesses are needed now more than ever. Join us as we unravel the tight grip of the patriarchy to resurrect the Goddesses back onto Earth and into the Golden Age. Discover seventeen Goddess Archetypes through women who experienced Goddess Activations™ as they unravel feminine pain of old paradigms, transforming their journey into triumphant holders of Pillars of Light. Goddess Activations™ is a living light frequency, an original healing modality by Radhaa Nilia. Goddess Code Academy is the home of Goddess Activations™, a mystical school for the Divine Feminine. A rich and soulful book. A fusion of feminine compelling and insightful personal stories that set the feminine spirit free. This book is educational, entertaining, and provocative. The stories in this book are raw and real experiences and a reminder that there is nothing you can’t overcome with the Goddesses as your ally. As you step into the temple doors to the realm of the Goddesses, you too will receive activations to what’s possible when you come home to the arms of the Goddess. A must-read book for anyone on their healing journey who desires to connect with the Goddess. Join Radhaa Nilia and Contributing Writers Hilda Zamora, Danielle Schreck, Maya Verzonilla, Anna Lieberman, Abigail Diaz Juan, Alanna Starr Shimel, Raziel F. Arcega, Angelica M., Shakti Devi, Brenda Lainof, Y’Shell Esta, Michelle Lopez, Lori Santo, Kory Muniz, Michelle L. Castro, Blossom Rountree and Cover Art by Jon Marro.

Meet Maya the Shaman: Learn about her Goddess Activation™ with Lakshmi.

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Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya The Shaman, is an indigenous Shaman-Healer from Maharlika known as the Philippines. She is a Creative Writing Coach and Co-Author of the Best-Selling “Awakening Starseeds” book series. Maya’s upcoming book 2022,” Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering,” is a rich-filled ‘Lemurian Shamanic Journey’ of stories by her clients during their session with Maya. A must-read book about past lives, including galactic-cosmic experiences! Maya’s other upcoming collaborative books: Energy Healing & Soul Medicine, Stories of The Goddess, and Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future Vol. 3. Maya appeared in several documentary films: “The Cure,” Produced by Sharon Stone and French Director Manuel Itier. Another Itier film she appeared in, “War: A Love Story,” cries on Earth about wars, a crime against humanity. Maya’s involvement in these films is to assist humanity heal and move forward into our Golden Age, where Peace, Health, and Freedom are our Sovereign Rights. Lemurian Code Healing and Infinite Cosmic Records are original healing modalities by Maya The Shaman. 

Meet Alanna Starr, Learn about her Goddess Activation™ with Sophia.

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Alanna Starr Shimel is a Mother, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sacred Song Carrier, Dance Teacher, Researcher, Writer, and Wisdom Keeper dedicated to empowering others on their healing journey through integrating sacred music, insightful Wisdom, and Sacred Knowledge. She is the Creator of “EarthDNA” dried flower forever art and the Curator of Dancenosis, a Mindfulness gnosis dance concept. Alanna graduated with Honors from Hypnosis Motivation Institute-College Of Hypnotherapy, holds certificates in Past-Life Regression, Handwriting Analysis, and Emotional Freedom Technique, and trained in Red Tent/Women’s Mysteries. She keeps a current practice of various energy healing modalities focused on mending the gap between illnesses and the mind & body connection. Her true passions are healing through dance, sound, writing, and helping others return to their divinity.  

Meet Raziel Arcega: Learn about her Goddess Activation™ with Ixchel.

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Raziel F. Arcega is a best-selling Co-Author on the collaborative book series Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions Vol. 1, and a contributing writer for the forthcoming book, Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing and Remembering with Maya The Shaman, and Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™. Raziel is a mother of two and a dynamic organizer within the Filipino-Asian community of Los Angeles, California. Her mom-prenuer business specializes in signage, banners, lighting, virtual event promo bags, client gifts, and drop shopping. Reach out to Raziel for your business needs, and she is here to serve you.

Meet Michelle Lopez: Learn about her Goddess Activation™ with Green Tara. 

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Michelle Lopez is a holistic healer specializing in divination and reiki energy healing. She utilizes astrology, oracle and tarot cards, crystals, and sound tools to bring awareness to areas of the psyche that need healing. She is also an elementary school teacher, children’s book author, and children’s yoga and mindfulness instructor. Her lightworker mission is to bridge, work with the human heart template, and activate others into their transformation and healing and, ultimately, their ascension. 

Meet Kory Muniz, Learn about her Goddess Activation™ with Mother Mary.

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Kory Muniz is a former Playboy Bunny turned Holistic Healer with over 20 years of Reiki and Nutritional Counseling. She is featured in the groundbreaking documentary “Why in the World Are They Spraying” and works with numerous social justice groups in Southern California. Kory is a seasoned lecturer in the non-GMO movement through The Institute of Responsible Technology.  She is a notable and recognizable force in SoCal for many health-related activist movements and has appeared on several talk shows internationally. Kory resides happily in Los Angeles, where she gets her joy as a mother and wife. 

Meet Radhaa Nilia, the Creatrix of the Goddess Activation™ Modality.

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Radhaa Nilia is the Creatrix of Goddess Activations™ healing modality, and the curator of Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™. This original modality is meant to support women on their healing and awakening journeys deeply. As a Goddess Guide, Radhaa assists in activating your own Goddess Codes™ through Goddess Activations™. These sacred transmissions assist in activating the Original Soul Blueprint that lives already inside of you. It revives the Goddesses’ timeless teachings, pure essence, spiritual presence, and feminine healing and restoration power. Part of Radhaa’s Dharma is to restore the integrity of the Goddesses by sharing the stories of Goddess Activations™ with you. Through this sacred work, we balance the scales and bring back the true essence of the authentic Goddesses through Goddess Activations™. Come and learn more about the modality Goddess Activations™ and how it can bring healing into your life. Reach Radhaa at: www.RadhaaNilia.Net.

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“I got the download that it was essential to bring back the original blueprint of the “Pillars of Feminine Light” through the Goddess Activations™. In my year-long online certification program, I teach Goddess Archetypes to my students and how they can work with them. This program is deeply focused on nurturing and empowering the feminine through this powerful transformation program using my method, Goddess Activations. This is vital in awakening all aspects of the feminine. My coaching and mentorship program for women is for those ready to dive deep into this sacred realm of the Goddesses and its Activations™. It is essential to learn about the various Goddesses, and who they are, their offerings, and their power. One can learn how to heal oneself and others through this modality. It is my mission to further bring this work to millions of women around the world!” says Radhaa. 

Get trained & Certified in Goddess Activations™ Modality:

Receive a Goddess Activations™ Session

Become a Contributing Author in upcoming Books:

Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™ is curated by Radhaa Publishing House is a Holistic Publishing Company that focuses on helping heart-centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling authors get their work out into the world. Our focus is on collaborative book series and memoirs. We thrive on supporting our authors throughout this journey, empowering them to step into their divine and authentic voice while sharing their truth with the world. We especially celebrate cultural diversity from around the world. We believe in weaving international voices to come together. Radhaa Publishing House is currently accepting writers for the forthcoming collaborative series of books. Radhaa Publishing currently has three collaborative books that are open for author submissions. Energy Healing & Soul Medicine, Stories of the Goddess, and Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 3. Dreaming into the Future. 

You can find out more about the upcoming books HERE:, or email [email protected] Come Meet Radhaa and the contributing writers at this very special book event at Mystical Dragon Bookstore. PLEASE RSVP: IN CASE OF ANY CHANGES OR SEAT LIMITATIONS: to secure your spot: [email protected]

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