Athena Wisdom Launches “Fearless, Free, Feminine” Leadership Program

June 14 23:51 2021

Athena Wisdom Institute has launched its leadership program “Fearless, Free, Feminine (FFF),” a five-month immersive wisdom embodiment course for women willing to grow further and live the highest expression of themselves.

With the FFF leadership program launching on June 28-July 2, 2021, Athena Wisdom is conducting a series of free online workshops about the leadership program.

Simone Junod, Athena Wisdom’s founder, shared futurist and author John Naisbitt’s opinion that the most significant breakthroughs of the 21st century “will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.”

“This is what is needed to boost equality and sustainability, to transform unwell-being into growth and resilience, as well as to provide an answer to the related Sustainable Development Goals defined by the European Union. No less than a radical and disruptive approach to education is needed,” Junod explains. 

Junod stressed the need to pivot to an approach that equally addresses the intuitive and rational mind and aims to uncover and unleash each individual’s highest potential. The latter being at the intersection of consciousness, intention, and well-being.

Athena Wisdom has developed programs based on three pillars: science (neuroscience, epigenetics & quantum physics), alternative business frameworks, and ancient wisdom from different traditions.

Embodying your highest self

The program is perfect for women who are curious about their inner potential and how self-development leads to business success and who want to start to learn techniques to bring out their greatest strengths. 

“The goal of Fearless, Free, Feminine online course is to help you align yourself intellectually, emotionally, and physically; to guide you in materializing what you decide to attract,” Junod explains.

During the course, participants will learn how to cultivate the drive and mindset that says, “I want, I can, I go.”

“If you are struggling to find your purpose yet intuitively feel that there is so much more you can offer and so much more to life, the program is specifically made for you. This program will help you embody your highest self—one that is brimming with wisdom, passion, and knowledge,” adds Junod.

The free discovery sessions will feature rituals, guided meditations, and business frameworks. These serve as an introduction to the Fearless, Free, Feminine wisdom embodiment program designed to provide participants with guidance, self-awareness, emotional and physical resilience, stamina, and courage to go their path.

Continuous learning, coaching people

Junod was born and grew up in the French part of Switzerland, in Jura, with eight siblings. Along her career path as Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director, she kept training herself, also in areas outside her professional path. 

Understanding where we come from, what we are here for as human beings have always been her passion.

Junod is a certified business and management coach & counselor (CAS/ECA), and wisdom teacher.

Junod says continuous learning, transferring over knowledge, and coaching people to deploy their highest potential or to rediscover complete well-being are part of the vision that has materialized with the creation of Athena Wisdom Institute AG.

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