“GOLD DIGGIN’: For Love of Money” is being released on Tubi TV in May 2022

May 13, 2022 – The controversial film “GOLD DIGGIN’: For Love of Money” produced by Brass Ring Enterprises is BEING RE-RELEASED ON TUBI in MAY 2022 with an anticipated release date of MAY 13 through Tribeca One Distribution [us]. This edgy and unique documentary film takes us inside the lives and minds of women and men who use their charms for financial gain and those who woo them. Featuring celebrity insights from TODD BRIDGES (“Everybody Hates Chris”) and MIGUEL A. NUNEZ, JR. (“Juwanna Man”), “GOLD DIGGIN’: For Love of Money” is told from a non-cliche, the original point of view by DIRECTOR PAMELA J. RICHARDSON. The film shows how the gold-digging mentality is found in all walks of life and every social class. It’s not just the young bombshell with the rich older man, nor the gigolo, but also the common woman or man. And, in a tough economy, anyone with an income could be a target.

In “GOLD DIGGIN’: For Love of Money”, we meet real-life gold diggers who expose why they make the choices they make – Naomi Anderson, niece of notorious polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs, whose remote Texas commune was raided by law enforcement in April 2008 and 400 children were removed. Naomi reveals all from her nudist resort home – her escape from the cult at 13 and how money became her motivation. Carla’s husband had known her a month before transferring all his money into her account. Murphy, straight off skidrow, found the price of being a kept man too high to pay. COMEDIAN KHALIL MACK’S humor adds a special touch of comic relief throughout the film.

The film shows how today’s moral and political climate perpetuates gold-digging. People who socked retirement money away in 401ks and Roth IRAs are riding the tidal wave of the stock market watching life savings dwindle. It’s a time in which relationships are more about the bottom line when one’s survival is at stake, and the most basic human relationships can have a price.

“GOLD DIGGIN’: For Love of Money” is the second documentary film directed, written, and produced by Pamela J. Richardson through her indie company, Brass Ring Enterprises. Richardson’s, a USC Film/TV grad, other doc, “The Wonder Kids”, (produced, directed, and written with Jim Petersen) features Dick Van Dyke, Savion Glover and Debbie Allen. The film won the best documentary in the New York Int’l Indie Film Fest (L.A. Version) in July 2008. She also co-directed, co-wrote, and produced “Teeth and Blood” (2015) with director Al Franklin, as well as has directed and produced music and promotional videos and other media.

CLYDE R. JONES and WILL SHIPP (Cinematographer) produced “GOLD DIGGIN’…” with Richardson. Jones, an accomplished actor, is best known for his roles in “Coming to America” and James Brown’s “Get On Up”. He also co-stars in Antoine Fuqua’s soon-to-be-released “Emancipation”, starring Will Smith. Shipp has operated cameras on many TV shows and films, including 19 years on “The Amazing Race”.