Why Automated Appointment Engines is the Fastest Growing Real Estate Marketing Company in the U.S

December 03 14:24 2021
Why Automated Appointment Engines is the Fastest Growing Real Estate Marketing Company in the U.S
Automated Appointment Engine
In an interview with Authority Sharks, the founders of Automated Appointment Engine, Ben Martinez and Conner McBride, shared how their successful innovation came to be.

The real estate industry is home to one of the most competitive markets in the world. Many would argue that it is one of the most saturated markets simultaneously. This creates complexity amongst the players in these markets: the real estate professionals themselves.

In this interview conducted by Authority Sharks, we ask the founders of one of the fastest-growing real estate marketing companies in the U.S, Ben Martinez & Conner McBride why they’ve chosen to tackle these issues head-on. 

What is the main problem Real Estate Professionals are facing?

“Every Realtor, Broker, & Team lead in the nation is up against the same problem. A serious drought in Inventory. Listings are drying up quicker than they can be put on the market, causing an incalculable amount of stress on Real Estate Professionals, particularly Buyer’s agents across the country. Realtors are up against the most competitive market we have ever seen, with homes selling for Tens and even Hundreds of Thousands over asking in a matter of days from hitting the market. This means that Buyer’s agents are getting outbid, over and over and over again, and the families who are looking for homes and offering what they can afford are being left behind by the big investors swooping in and buying every home for cash. The Realtors are getting the clients sold on home after home, and everyone’s hopes are crashing! We’ve talked to literally thousands of Real Estate Professionals over the past two years, and it’s the same story across the board! We need listings, and we need them now!”

What are the consequences of this problem?

“The consequences are simple. A lack of listings means a lack of money coming in. If you have 20 people ready to buy a home and no one to sell a home, we are at a standstill with most people getting approved and wanting a home. The realtors are burning through resources, trying to scrounge up any and all possibilities from their Sphere of influence and coming up short in most cases. Which is causing increased stress at home, less time with families, and an ever-growing problem that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon! At least until they start working with us.”

Why did you start this business, and what motivates you to solve this problem?

“Simply put. We saw the problem in the industry, and we knew we had the skills to fix it. So, we did! We frequently hop on podcasts and have been industry leaders in the Digital Marketing Space for the past couple of years. We gained all of that attention due to the unparalleled standards & results in Sales, Customer Service, & Marketing, with our Agencies.”

Ben & Conner added, “This is exactly why we created Automated Appointment Engines. To solve the listing drought in real estate once and for all. We knew that it wasn’t just bad Ad management; it was bad customer service, it was a lack of leadership and a lack of training for real estate agents on exactly what to do to get the listings. We estimate that 30% of our job is Running your Ads & Managing your funnels. The other 70% is in Leadership. It’s in the conversations we have every few days. It’s the growth. It’s challenging for realtors to be better than they are. To master the phones, and most importantly earn people’s business.”

“Just because someone clicks on your ad and books a call, that doesn’t mean you’ve earned their business. So many Realtors believe that’s the way it should be, but that’s not how it works. Because of that, we set out to tackle not only the technical issues in the industry but also the lack of Leadership & Training so Realtors can get what they really want. Results!”

With an excellent eye for business and a talent for inventing something to solve a problem, Ben & Conner’s business has changed many people’s lives and will continue to do so in the years to come. 

“If you’re struggling to fill up your calendar with Qualified Homeowners who are ready to list their homes – check to see if your territory is available & if so, book a call with our world-class team to show you exactly how to fix it as quickly as possible.”

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