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July 04 22:33 2022
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Welcome to BestBari’s Top Suburb Rankings in Dhaka, carefully produced by the team of property specialists to help potential home buyers research and compare which suburb in Dhaka best suits the needs, requirements and budget of customers.

Dhaka is one of the fast-growing cities in the South Asia sub-continent. The prices and demand for flat sales in Dhaka are frequently increasing, given the city’s significant population growth and rising income level.

Purchasing a flat in Dhaka is a huge commitment, so if someone wants to make sure someone has thought it through carefully. Anyone’s journey to buying a flat in Dhaka must start with diligent research and planning.

The first step is to decide on what type of property somebody wants and in what location. Location is the most significant factor that influences property prices in Dhaka. The location and demographics of the neighbourhood play a very important role in determining the desirability and price of a property. 

Properties close to good schools, shopping centres, cafes and restaurants tend to attract more buyers as these properties have higher demand, which drives up the prices. The status of the suburb and demographics of the local population plays an important part; for example, there are mostly professionals, expatriates and retirees living there. 

On behalf of BestBari, most people hope to enjoy reading Top Suburb Rankings in Dhaka and find it useful to find the dream flat for sale in Dhaka. Without further ado, here are BestBari’s Top Suburb Rankings in Dhaka.

5. Mirpur

Making it on the top 5 list, we kickstart with the popular and vibrant suburb of Mirpur. Mirpur is one of the busiest and most popular locations in Dhaka and offers a vibrant and energetic ambience in Dhaka and is a local hot spot for tourist attractions. 

Mirpur is one of the most popular regions of Dhaka and is known for its diversity and historical sites. Famous for its Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Bangladesh National Zoo and National Botanical Gardens of Bangladesh, Mirpur is an attractive destination for local and international tourists. 

Mirpur’s infrastructure and property development are booming, and the region has become a very busy destination with plenty of businesses, restaurants and access to public transport. Many start-ups in Dhaka are even popping up in Mirpur due to the relative low-cost of rent and connectivity to the rest of Dhaka. Even though there is an abundance of businesses and residential properties in Mirpur, Dhaka flat prices in Mirpur are reasonably priced and attainable.

Mirpur’s footbridge connects the four regions of Mirpur together.

4. Bashundhara

Fourth place is a destination that is both a shopper’s paradise and a child’s fairy tale come true; it is none other than Bashundhara. Bashundhara is perfect for young families and newlyweds looking for a nice area to settle in, an up-and-coming suburb with good schools, shopping centres, location and transportation.

Bashundhara is best known for its most famous Jamuna Future Park, which is not only the biggest shopping complex in Bangladesh but the whole of South Asia, covering more than 4.1 million square feet. Bashundhara has more to offer than just the Jamuna Future Park. From its beautiful layout to its clean infrastructure and prominent schools and universities, Bashundhara is considered one of the most underrated suburbs of Dhaka.

Bashundhara is an ideal suburb for families with young children. As flat prices in Gulshan and Banani are becoming increasingly unattainable, Bashundhara is becoming a popular alternative that is reasonably priced and affordable for individuals and families with young children.

Bird’s eye view of the Bashundhara commercial and residential district.

3. Dhanmondi

The third-place goes to Dhaka’s beloved Dhanmondi, one of the country’s most desirable places to live. The suburb is highly desirable for its esteemed schools, top-quality hospitals and busy central business district. Dhanmondi’s historic roots stemmed from the 1950s when the East Pakistan Government developed Dhanmondi as a residential district for the country’s top bureaucrats. Dhanmondi was also the home of Bangladesh’s founding father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

In later years, Dhanmondi became a fast-growing business hub in Dhaka, where many banks, corporates and NGOs established their headquarters around Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi’s central road. Today, Dhanmondi is known for its cultural vibrancy, popular restaurants and shopping and, of course, the high-quality education and medical centres. 

Overall, Dhanmondi is a vibrant city on its own, with a vibrant business district and access to top-quality education and medical centres. Thousands of people are also drawn to Dhanmondi’s central location, consisting of high-end apartment complexes, countless shopping centres and popular restaurants.

Aerial view of Dhanmondi coming alive at night with its vibrant lights.

2. Banani

In the second place, it’s none other than the trendy suburb of Banani, one of Dhaka’s most prominent regions for residents. Banani was originally a suburb for the middle-income working-class; however, over the years, it has become more gentrified and is now one of the most sought-after suburbs in Dhaka. Banani attracts Dhaka’s elite, including executives, young professionals, and up-and-coming leaders.

Residents of Banani can enjoy tranquil views of Banani Lake and experience the cultural scene with plenty of trendy cafés, restaurants and boutique designer clothing stores in the main shopping district on road number 11. Banani is a trendy destination for shoppers due to its large variety of high-end brands and quality. 

The lifestyle and tranquillity Banani has to offer are hard to rival. Banani hosts many of Dhaka’s most popular restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, parks and religious centres, which are well laid out across the prominent suburb. Banani is a cultural hub for Bangladesh’s emerging leaders and is considered one of Dhaka’s best-kept secrets.

Busy streets of Banani’s central business district. 

1. Gulshan

Drum roll, please… the number one spot goes to one and only Gulshan, claimed to be Bangladesh’s most affluent suburb. Gulshan, which is Dhaka’s Crown Jewel, is where the country’s most affluent and high-profile people come to reside. 

Gulshan is situated in the region of the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake area and offers everything from top-end restaurants and cafes to renowned hospitals and schools. The only downside is the price to enter the expensive property market in Gulshan.

Gulshan is also considered the best area for ex-pats to live in Dhaka due to its high-security standards, international embassies, prominent schools, hospitals, restaurants and world-class hotels. Residents of Gulshan enjoy the finer things in life with convenient access to high-end shopping, dining and entertainment.

Calm and relaxing lakeside views and ambience Gulshan has to offer

Some other Dhaka suburbs that did not make it on the top 5 list but are worthy of mentioning is Motijheel, which includes the country’s most famous central business district.

On behalf of BestBari, we wish the best of luck to someone who has purchased the best dream flat for sale in Dhaka. We hope somebody who found the Buyer’s Guide to Flat Sales in Dhaka useful and practical. If someone enjoyed this guide, please visit the best site’s News and Articles page, including our article How to Find a Top Luxury Flat for Sale in Dhaka.

Someone may like to read the high-quality suburb guides to research and compare which suburb in Dhaka best suits their needs and budget. Best of luck with the perfect flat for sale in Dhaka!

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