BLAUPUNKT category benchmark shower, lifting hot pot and breakfast machine

December 30 11:36 2021
The 29th 2021 China Shenzhen Gift & Home Fair started grandly at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 21st-24th,2021.BLAUPUNKT won the 2021 (14th) China gift industry TOP30 product Innovation Award!This is the first time to participate in the Shenzhen International gift exhibition of Germany BLAUPUNKT.

This is a famous brand from a industry country in manufacturing, so we also promise must will be TOP in this industry ! One of Blaupunkt culture is  ”Products make life fun. — Enjoy it.”

In 2019, the online sales volume of German Blaupunkt has exceeded 200 million since it entered China. Among them, showerlifting hot pot and breakfast machine become the category benchmark , which monthly sales more than ten thousand.



1. Make sandwiches quickly, change new patterns every day, and the taste is not repeated;

2. Double-sided upper and lower heating tubes, uniform heating, 550W/900W high power, fast baking;

3. Two detachable non-stick plates, wipe clean, food will not burn easily;

4. After baking, it will automatically seal the sides, lock the deliciousness, and be full of indentation without fear of leakage;

5. The bottom winding design is convenient for storage, and the heat insulation bracket prevents scalding the desktop.



1. One key lifting, separation of ingredient and ingredients

2. Small size with multiple fire power

3. Multi-purpose in one pot, enjoy your meals simply



1. This shower head can provide an exhilarating spa style experience and bring you fresh and relaxing aromatherapy in your own shower room!

2. Vitamin C filtration technology can effectively neutralize chlorine to support healthy skin and hair.

3. The filtration of its nutrition box can remove other pollutants brought by the piping system.

In this Shenzhen International Gifts Fair, Blaupunkt from Germany brought many new products to everyone From the oven, air fryer to the food processor, breakfast machine, innovative research and development have been carried out to maximize the vertical diversity and horizontal cost-effectiveness of the category.

We provide you with products that meet your own needs. Just as one of Blaupunkt’s core culture “we make products to bring fun to your life”.

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