Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner and Designer Christina Barthelemy Incorporates High Vibe Elements Into Homes

December 28 20:57 2021
Christina Barthelemy is a crystal lover, high vibe designer, and space clearing and feng shui practitioner on a mission to bring more light into the world, one home and client at a time. She considers all of the client’s needs: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental, to create calm and supportive energy for each client.

White Sage Interiors and Christina Barthelemy are pleased to announce that they bring the principles of Instinctive Feng Shui® to clients through the auspices of the World Wide Web. Christina loves helping others to create high vibe spaces that feel amazing. She has found that changing the physical space can change the client’s life and help them manifest the life they desire. She takes a holistic approach to her consultations, using her intuition and gift for balancing space. She harmonizes interiors to determine the ideal solution to meet clients’ desires and needs. 

A Feng Shui consultation can be a powerful way to make new acquaintances; improve health; achieve financial gains; career acceleration; find love; and much more. Christina is organized, thorough, and takes a positive approach to design challenges, supporting the client each step of the way. The Interior Alignment consultation explores the client’s life scenes and the areas where improvement, change, or manifestation are desired. The consultation includes an in-depth questionnaire, a Synchro-Alignment meditation, and two in-person or virtual meetings. 

Feng Shui Tampa Fl and St Petersburg, FL residents can participate in detailed meetings where Christina tours the space with her client, tuning into the energy and discussing remedies and recommendations to help achieve goals and manifest the desired life. Every aspect of the client’s life or their business life is directly related to a physical place in the shop, studio, office, or home. 

The Feng Shui floor plan separates your space into nine energy centers that directly correspond to 9 critical areas of your life. During our consultation, Christina explains, “I will make recommendations and suggestions based on my experience, intuition and the Bagua Map. The changes I recommend will bring about positive energy balance and flow in your space, resulting in changes and big shifts in your life. You will leave the consultation feeling empowered, informed, and excited for what lies ahead.”


White Sage Interiors offers Feng Shui consultations to align the physical space of clients with their needs and desires. Preparing a detailed floor plan for the client includes two virtual or in-person consultations and more. Additional information about her actions and approach can be seen at https://www.white-sage-interiors.com/feng-shui-consultation.

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