Installing Clay Tennis Courts are Extremely Popular for Some Great Reasons

December 23 17:10 2021

Although not as popular in the USA, as clay tennis courts are in Europe and other countries, clay tennis courts are preferred by many serious tennis players and even used during the French Open. The ball bounce and ease on the joints are some of the primary advantageous features of a clay tennis court. Even casual players are more eager to play on clay courts for the ease of play that a clay court imparts.

Unlike harder surface courts, there is more give to a clay tennis court and less injury can occur during wet or dry tennis play. Installation of a clay court, especially when using a renowned surface contractor such as CrowAll Surface Contractors, Ltd. can save installation and maintenance costs. Clay courts are cooler than asphalt and concrete, which can hold the heat and make playing tennis tiring and uncomfortable during the hotter months.

CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Canadian establishments and private residents with the finest in sports surfaces for generations now. Each employee of the company is treated like family and all the clients are as well, and a great “team effort” such as this leads to superior court surfaces as well as superior customer service.

Costs of a clay court installation run about 45000 CAD to 100000 CAD given the length, width, and location of a court. The installation can be done over an existing hard surface court and is done with precision and an eye towards easy maintenance of the clay court.

Clay court installations are popular now not just for pricing but because the maintenance can require only 10 to 15 minutes per day. The courts are also not subjected to as many cracks and peels as harder court surfaces, and the less repair and maintenance, the less the overall cost of any court.

Clay courts after installation dry sooner and can be used more quickly. If an establishment such as a hotel or other business offers a tennis court, this quick-drying type of solution will ensure that monies are not lost during construction due to the cancellation of tennis tournaments, or by riled consumers seeking to use a court.

In addition, after rain or maintenance, any water is absorbed quickly, allowing players to return almost immediately to the game of tennis. Water does not sit atop a clay court, and the natural greenstone material is also considered environmentally friendly which is what consumers and businesses alike now seek.

Being 5 to 10 percent more affordable than hard court surfaces, and the ability to play more soundly and safely by players, plus the ease of maintenance, and lower repairs, make clay court installations a very cost-effective solution to the installation of a tennis court.

About CrowAll Surface Contractors, Ltd.

CrowAll Surface Contractors, Ltd. is a family owned and operated business for years that serves Canadian residents with the finest in all types of surfaces for all types of sports courts. The focus now is on the cost savings that occur with the installation of clay tennis courts. A blog, contact form, email, and phone are on the website for ease inquiry and information on courts. Consultations are free and the staff and owners friendly and knowledgeable.

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