Executive Mom Nest Shares Strategies for Improving Work-Life Balance as a Busy Working Mom

December 23 14:18 2021
A world where career, family, and self-care exist in harmony is possible with the help of Executive Mom Nest.

“When life is humming along beautifully, we rarely think about balance. However, when things start going sideways, we notice.” Awareness is essential for change. There are many ways to restore work-life balance. Six of the Executive Mom Nest advisors share their top tips and strategies for creating harmony between work and life from the vantage point of a working mother. 

Nest Advisor and Oh, So Organized! Founder, Linda Samuels shares, “there is a delicate nature to finding a doable work-life balance. When my balance is off, I look carefully at my commitments and evaluate what change is needed. Have I said “yes” too often? Have I said “yes” to things that are nourishing and energizing? One of the best decisions and “yeses” I made a year ago was to Marcy Stoudt, Founder of Executive Mom Nest. This visionary Executive Coach and mother of three launched the Nest and created a team of vetted Advisors from diverse yet complementary industries, including organization, finance, wellness, and more. I asked 6 of the Nest advisors – What is one strategy you use to restore your work-life balance?” 

The Nest’s Founder and Executive Coach, Stoudt shares, “I get control of my negative self-talk. I’m a busy working mom. I’m proud of what I do. But, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s rarely because I am doing too much. It is almost always due to my mental chatter obsessing over my lack of time. I lose motivation, focus, and clarity when I have negative thoughts. If you are seeking work/life balance, start with the root cause: negative self-talk. When you control your thoughts, you control your day.” 

The Nest’s Marketing Advisor, Lucy Carlisle says, “Find a job that you love. Your career doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) constraining. If you hate what you do for work, it will inevitably seep into your personal life. When you find time for travel, self-care, or family time, work might be that dark cloud that stays over you even when you are trying to enjoy yourself. Having a job that I am so passionate about has brought me work-life balance in unexpected ways. When I unplug, I feel deserving, and when I get back to work, I feel excited and invigorated.” 

The Nest’s Event Curation & Health Advisor, Neela Asaadi says, “Strive to keep yourself grounded through fulfilling practices and rituals that fuel your soul. Morning rituals are personally my favorite way to set myself up for success, in addition to a delicious night’s sleep to restore. Spend time investing in yourself. After all, it is the greatest gift you could give so you can show up as the best version of yourself for everyone around you.” 

The Nest’s Public Speaking and Writing Advisor, Alison Nissen says, “When I think of balance, I envision two bowls dangling from a stick, delicately positioned to be even. Life doesn’t work like that. Instead, I find harmony in my life through reflection, joy, and growth. If I dread an activity, I ask myself what purpose it serves. If it’s a class I know will help me professionally, I can look ahead to the end date and envision the success it will bring at a future date. If, however, it’s a toxic relationship with something such as junk food, I will replace the interactions with something that brings me joy, like giving myself a few extra minutes to read a novel.” 

The Nest’s Strengths Strategist Advisor, Petra Krebbs says, “When I think of work/life balance, I think of seasons. I don’t believe there is a perfect balance to life because some seasons require more work, and some require more of life. What has helped me feel restored in each season is applying healthy boundaries. No matter the season, I keep within boundaries that align with my values, purpose, and goals. Should a season push up against those boundaries, I can adjust accordingly. When we know who we are and where we are going, then there is peace no matter the season.” 

The Nest’s Business Organization Advisor, Lana Kitcher, shares, “When I’m feeling frustrated about my day, I can tell that it’s time for me to restore balance. Restoring balance is a practice and needs to be assessed regularly. I have a three-step process for bringing back balance and suggest making time for this routine at least once a quarter: 1) Meditate, 2) Process, 3) Review.” 

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