Tishwish Introduces a 100% Compostable Packaging for Businesses of All Sizes

December 22 19:24 2021
Tishwish is elevating the joy of unwrapping with custom sustainable packaging.

California-based manufacturing company Tishwish introduces a revolutionary replacement for single-use plastic packaging – a 100% compostable custom mailer made from biobased and plant-based bio-polymer. It is designed to meet the needs of all business sizes to create a roadmap for sustainable packaging and build upon initiatives that protect the planet.

“We are making customizable sustainable packaging accessible to businesses of all sizes and reducing the impact that packaging creates on our environment,” says the team from Tishwish.

Tishwish mailers are the culmination of years of effort to bring a satisfying and enhanced unwrapping experience. They are competitively priced to make them accessible to big and small businesses alike. Tishwish’s ultra-low minimum order quantity of 100 mailers provides small businesses the chance to begin their journey to sustainable packaging and memorable client unwrapping experiences without spending a fortune.

In line with this, the company launched the Timber Re-leaf Project to empower brands to positively impact the world through reforestation. For every order it receives, Tishwish plants a tree in barren areas. To date, it has planted 5654 trees.

As Tishwish strives to be a global leader in recyclable and sustainable manufacturing, it created and designed its products using the highest standards. The mailers are water-resistant, made from recycled materials, flexible, and printed using vegetable-based inks. They also feature a double seal for multiple uses, thus reducing excessive plastic buying and its negative impact on the environment.

Just about any product can be packed using Tishwish compostable mailers. They are tested for domestic and international transit. Small-sized mailers can carry up to 2 kgs of items, 4 kgs for medium-sized mailers, and 6 kgs for large-sized mailers.

Tishwish mailers adhere to TUV Austria and ABA guidelines. They meet the American, European, Australasian, and international standards for home and commercial composts.

It usually takes three months for the mailers to break down in an industrial composting facility, while it takes six months in a home compost bin. The product breaks down faster if it’s cut into smaller pieces.

The mailers do not leave any harmful chemicals when they break down, so they can be used to fertilize plants.

Businesses who wish to try Tishwish’s eco-friendly products can opt to purchase its sample kit. It contains five mailers in each color, one teal bubble mailer, three tissue papers, three stickers, and a swatch of raised ribbons.

All items are shipped worldwide for free. Find more information about Tishwish’s sustainable products here: https://tishwish.com/.

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