Boosting the Environment with Electric Bikes

December 22 12:50 2021

The protection of the environment and sustainable consumerism are among the hottest topics around the world at the moment, with many consumers continuing to want to buy the very best products but with the minimum impact on the environment. The people at Epic Cycles, experts in electric bikes and scooters, have been promoting the benefits of electric bikes and how to get the most of them in the modern world.

“We know that it is increasingly the case that clients are coming to us because they want environmentally friendly ways of manoeuvring around the environment, and electric bikes are one of the best ways of achieving this”, stated a spokesperson from the company.

“Anyone who has ever owned a bike will know that with careful and regular maintenance that it is much cheaper to run than any other vehicle”, continued the spokesperson, “although owners of electric bikes need to know about the lifespan of their e-bike as well as the various parts, in order to get the most out of it”.

“Owners need to know that the electric battery for their bike will last between about 3-5 years, depending how well it is stored and looked after”, stated the spokesperson. “Batteries should not be overcharged and they should only be used with recognised chargers, as well as stored safely in dry, cool environments. Electric batteries have some environmental impact due to the components involved in their construction, so taking prime care of a battery is an important step in managing the environmental impact”.

“Electric motors”, continued the spokesperson, “are another component with a finite shelf life, although many e-bike motors will last for over 10,000 miles if well looked after and not ridden too hard, offering better longevity than many of the mechanical parts of the bike such as brakes and gears”.

“Brakes in particular tend to wear out quicker due to the extra speed at which e-bikes move as well as the extra weight of the electrical components. Chains and sprockets will also likely wear out quicker as e-bikes often travel at higher speeds and over longer distances, putting more wear and tear over time on the bike”.

“Many e-bikes will also have some sort of visual display unit, and this should be cleaned regularly and checked for water ingress to avoid damage”, stated the spokesperson.

“Although maintenance is perhaps even more vital on e-bikes due to the extra weight, longer distances and greater speeds, regular preventative maintenance can enable them to be an increasingly valid alternative to cars for many regular transport tasks, protecting the environment”.

About Epic Cycles

Epic cycles is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer specialising in the manufacture and sale of electric bikes. Inspired by innovation and with a dedication to excellence and the highest quality of customer service, Epic Cycles provide wide range of electric bicycles and scooters designed to withstand the rigours of the Canadian landscape, from urban routes to natural trails and beyond.

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