CopyMonkey improves e-commerce copywriting with their AI-copywriter

December 21 23:06 2021
CopyMonkey has optimized e-commerce copywriting with an AI-copywriter that is compatible with any e-commerce platform and generates massive amounts of product descriptions at once.

For the sake of their customers, CopyMonkey has released an AI copywriter that specializes in e-commerce copywriting. This was informed by their interviews with heads of content, marketing departments, and online store owners. Copywriting became a recurring challenge since creating unique content for product cards is difficult. Product descriptions need to be unique to improve SEO and boost search rankings for product differentiation.

From their research, CopyMonkey also found that emotional and lively descriptions are more captivating and increase time spent on a product, thereby boosting conversion rates. With this in mind, they set off to work on a product description generator that writes unique AI product descriptions. Their user interface is designed to be easy to use and allows for easy editing once the e-commerce copy is generated.

The average e-commerce product description is 350-700 characters which takes a professional about 20 minutes to create. Looking at an e-commerce platform with thousands of products on its catalog, creating these descriptions can be time-consuming and sometimes repetitive since the copywriter needs to generate descriptions for many similar products. This can also be very expensive for small businesses. CopyMonkey was created to cut down the time and cost it takes.

CopyMonkey is now the number two product of the day on Product Hunt. The company is also part of the NVIDIA Inception program campaign supporting female leadership in AI, VISA hackathon, and EMERGE CHALLENGE winner.

“We created this product to meet the needs of e-commerce. Unlike other AI copywriters, we help online stores generate descriptions for massive amounts of products at once. The user needs to upload the product catalog to CopyMonkey. AI will generate several description options for each product. After you can view the result and make adjustments to the product copy. Then you need to upload the product catalog with new descriptions back to your store.” – Kate Nevelson, Co-founder of CopyMonkey.

The future is AI. CopyMonkey projects that AI copywriters will generate 90% of the content in five years. This is why platforms like CopyMonkey are crucial today. While the scope for AI’s understanding of complicated topics might have been limited before, the ongoing training and development in artificial intelligence have made it difficult to differentiate human and computer work. The quality of AI content is expected to drastically improve in the coming years.

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