AEKI Metaverse: A Community Developed Metaverse Project & Token ($AEKI)

December 21 10:04 2021
AEKI Metaverse: A Community Developed Metaverse Project & Token ($AEKI)
Born out frustrations of being rug pulled, the AEKI Metaverse project aims to safeguard the community through its community-owned metaverse & token $AEKI.

AEKI token ($AEKI) is a community-driven deflationary token created by the community on the Binance Smart Chain (later to be moved through the rest of the networks), which will be the primary token for the upcoming AEKI Metaverse.

The Origin Of $AEKI?

The AEKI Metaverse project was started by a group of investors who were victims of rug pulls, losing their own money in these projects. They were frustrated with these anonymous developers, like all the other investors who fall victim to such shady projects. They started this project called $AEKI, a community owned and developed project.

The AEKI Token ($AEKI) is a way to put the community in charge of the decisions through a community voting system. That is why it is called a community-owned token. 

Speaking to the media, one of the founders, Manu, was quoted as saying, “More than developers, we are investors. We relate to the pain of our community members, and which is why $AEKI right from the start, has been set as a token by the community, for the community, and dedicated to the community.”

What is a Rug-pull?

A rug-pull is a manoeuvre done by crypto developers who suddenly abandon a project and run away with investors’ funds.

Usually, rug-pulls happen when malicious developers create a token and list it on a DEX pairing it with a leading cryptocurrency. Once they collect a significant amount from naive investors who swap their cryptocurrency for the listed token, these developers withdraw everything from the liquidity pool, driving the coin’s price to zero. 

It is estimated that investors lose around $4billions dollars every year investing in projects that get rug-pulled.

What enables Rug-Pulls?

The main reason developers can do rug-pulls is that their identities are often hidden. So once they run away with the investors’ money, there is no way to find the real faces and hold them accountable.

How AEKI Metaverse Community Ensures it remains rug-pull free?

$AEKI removes the layer of anonymity, revealing the real name, pictures, and country of the developers behind it. They want to set a standard for the transparency and authenticity of a project. To achieve that, they created a Rug Proof Contract that locks the liquidity for security so that developers cannot access the liquidity pool to withdraw any funds. They will also perform Smart Contract Audit where a leading security-focused ranking platform will audit the submitted contract.

The future of $AEKI and the birth of the metaverse.

$AEKI is a deflationary burn token that is the mother token of their metaverse. The AEKI metaverse will be an entire ecosystem in which the community members can use the $AEKI token to play VR games, stake their coins, own land and do more. The developers have already started to build the metaverse and gaming just a few days after being launched in exchanges. 

They are also planning to migrate $AEKI on various other networks (starting from Binance Smart Chain) while keeping their long-term focus intact on their moonshot mission.

What’s in it for the holders of $AEKI tokens?

Holders of the AEKI token will earn passive rewards through static reflections and 30% of the supply will be burned, which will increase the value of the tokens over time. Unlike others, $AEKI has a limited supply, which will ensure price will rise.

With NFT creation, Charity events, Marketplace partnerships, AEKI ecosystem, green mining companies, and several other exciting events are planned in their roadmap, the potential growth for the holders is unlimited.

With the utility from day one and real faces attached to the project, $AEKI is already generating huge interest among the community members.

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