ESL Teaching Jobs In Asia Unveils Wide Array Of Teaching Jobs In China And Korea

December 21 02:51 2021
ESL Asia founder Mark Krajcar leads the way in helping individuals looking for ESL teaching jobs across China and Korea and dreaming of experiencing Korean and Chinese cultures.

ESL Teaching Jobs in Asia has scaled up its ESL teaching and recruiting services to help those looking to teach English in Asia, specifically in South Korea and China.

“Full of rich history and bustling modern cities, South Korea has become one of the hottest markets for teaching English. Many South Korean students are enrolled in English courses from a young age, so both private and public teachers are in demand. That’s where ESL Asia comes into the picture,” says Mark Krajcar, company founder who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

The company provides a great variety of ESL teaching jobs across China and Korea. Mr. Krajcar himself has extensive experience teaching and working with teachers in Korea and China. 

Through the years, ESL Asia has assisted qualified individuals looking for teaching jobs in Korea or seeking China Teaching jobs as their career pathway. 

Shortly after university, when an old high school classmate told him about his intention to go to China and teach English, Mr. Krajcar’s interest became more solid. It led him to do his TESOL certificate at home, and things took off from there.

 Mr. Krajcar eventually began his adventure in Jeonju, South Korea and still teaches today in Busan.

“While teaching Korean students, I realized that my parents and my students’ parents are completely the same – they have the same dreams and the same goals for their children,” shares Mr. Krajcar.


Mr. Krajcar says he is on track with his mission to help schools find teachers and help teachers find schools.

He has been teaching in Korea since 2004 at all age levels and has made a mark in the educational institutions for his exemplary work and for taking good care of all his students. Mr. Krajcar takes great pride in his students and is only willing to hire teachers who do things the right way.

“Schools and teachers know this. I can understand both sides of the equation since I am still teaching and have been teaching for a long time. I can be reached anytime and is easily accessible,” he says. 

As South Korean culture became more popular across the globe, thanks to Hallyu, more foreigners looking at teaching abroad turned to ESL Asia for better opportunities and pay and to experience Korean culture, including K-Pop K-Dramas, Korean food, and everything in between.

“I place teachers in school based on the fact that I believe they will do a good job for the students. The values that I believe in and that I give to teachers and schools are reliability, communication, and hard work,” he adds.

On the other hand, many others choose China teaching jobs to learn more about Chinese culture while earning money by teaching abroad.

Those who want to get started in their journey to becoming ESL teachers may get in touch with Mark Krajcar by contacting him right away. Others who wish to learn more about ESL Asia may visit the website for more information.

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