Dogmonaut Moon Club: Genesis Collection is made of 10,000 Unique 3D Dogmonauts With the Mission to Sponsor the Adoption of Real Life Dogs.

December 21 02:15 2021
Become a member of the Moon Club, access additional functionality, downloads and integrations. Join the Whitelist for their Upcoming Mint.

San Francisco, California – On an Adventure with Dogmonauts… Dogmonauts Moon Club is a Dog-Themed NFT. Own a Dogmonaut NFT and get access to their private members club called The Moon Club. The Whitelist is now open. Reserve a space on the list to be able to mint when they launch!

The swirl of headlines surrounding NFTs and the rapid adoption of the technology across many areas of our life has caused some to wonder what exactly an NFT is. However, despite parts of the technology being difficult for the average person to understand, NFTs and other blockchain based technology are changing how the world’s financial sectors function. To start with the basics, an NFT is abbreviated for Non-Fungible Token meaning that it is irreplaceable and unique. Unlike bitcoins which are fungible and not unique as there are many bitcoins. While NFTs come in many forms, the most popular today however are the profile picture collections. Moon Club Dogmonauts NFTs are an algorithmically generated profile picture collection built on the Solana Blockchain. They are all unique and composed of a combination of various elements and features.

The initial Dogmonauts collection is made up of 10,000 uniquely designed Genesis. Owning one of the Dogmonaut NFTs will act as an entry ticket to the membership of the Moon Club. Members will earn Club Coins ($Club) that will allow them to later upgrade their Moon Club NFTs and also exchange for exclusive merchandise.

Dogmonaut #1,352- Genesis Collection 

The Moon Club is community centered and believes in empowering the club members. Being a member of the club, members will have access to multiple renders of their NFTs, as well as 3D files, and augmented reality animated files. Membership means much more than just owning an NFT. Members will be able to connect their Dogmonauts to other platforms including various metaverses and games.

Holders of their NFTs receive monthly airdrops of utility tokens. Members who are actively engaged and participating in their Moon Club community also receive bonus airdrops of $Club tokens. The tokens will be redeemable in future NFT upgrades and also physical merchandise.

Breed Dogmonauts with other of the NFTs

Members who hold a Genesis Dogmonaut will be able to breed their Dogmonaut with an NFT from other collections as well. Users can have unique NFTs that match aesthetically with others in their personal collection by influencing the second generation of traits. Even 2D NFTs can be converted to the Dogmonauts 3D aesthetic with this technology.

The Moon Club detects which NFTs are in members’ Solana Wallet. Starting with a favorite Dogmonaut and a favorite supported third party NFT, their algorithm creates a representative DNA structure of both. Their system then randomizes traits from both to create a Second Generation Dogmonaut NFT. This is the first cross NFT generator that we know of.

Furthermore, Dogmonauts Moon Club believes in giving back to the community. Philanthropy is an integral part of their initiative.  A percentage of each NFT purchase will go towards sponsoring the adoption of 1,000 real world dogs.

Dogmonauts Moon Club is planning much more than what it already has to offer. They believe in a community which consistently grows with long term investment in the technology behind the project. They are planning on opening up their platform to developers that want to offer their NFT holders additional functionality in their apps. They want to be considered a node in the metaverse/omniverse that developers can use as a platform for their apps and games.

Imagine a Dogmonaut racing game that uses Moon Club assets but is built by a different developer? Well, stay tuned to see how it unfolds.

The Dogmonauts NFT collection has created a whitelist reservation signup system on their website due to the huge demand for this unique crossbreeding technology. A perfect opportunity for our readers, make no delay, their whitelist is now open, reserve a space on the list now!

The Dogmonaut Moon Club project seems promising. The developers are young energetic people who fully understand their targeted audience. They are leveraging some of the world’s most cutting edge technology in their mission to help dogs in the real world.

For more details and information visit their website.

About Dogmonaut Moon Club

Dognomauts are Dog-Themed NFTs. Dogmonaut Moon Club allows users to get access to their private members club called The Moon Club. In the Moon Club users have access to multiple renders of their NFTs, as well as 3D files, and augmented reality animated files of their NFT. After the mint is complete they will be paying for the adoption fees of 1,000 real world dogs. They will be partnering with charities to save 1,000 dog’s lives.

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