Packing Service Inc. Discusses Why Crates and Pallets Benefit to the Environment

December 21 02:12 2021

Dec 20, 2021 – Miami, FL – Crates and pallets are very environmentally-friendly. The material that crates and pallets are made of can also be reused and is a much better alternative than just throwing it away. The materials that crates and pallets are made of can be reused to make other products such as cinder blocks for construction. The best loading company uses the best crates to transport the good in the best way. 

What are crates and pallets?

The word “crate” is short for the container. It’s different because while containers can be used to store products or carry them, they are not stackable. A pallet is a shipping platform that is used for the transportation of goods. Pallet wood is the raw product that results when manufacturers use raw materials to create shipping platforms. The raw materials are wood fibers which are turned into pallet wood by joining the wood fibers together in strands, sheets, or blocks. A crate is a container that is used to store products or carry them. A pallet is a shipping platform that is used for the transportation of goods.

The positive benefits to the environment and the world

Pallets and crates are a great way to package goods. When beginning a project that requires a lot of material, a crate or a pallet can be a great way to package a large quantity. It’s a popular method for retailers to save on time and expenses. When the user is done with a crate or a pallet, break them down and recycle them. Pallets and Crates are the perfect solutions for the environment. Wood is a renewable resource, which means it can be reused and recycled. The more use of this resource, the more humans can keep it healthy and plentiful. It’s important to consider sustainability and the environment for a shipping company.

How wood fiber is turned into pallet wood?

Crates and pallets are used for transporting all kinds of products. Crates are an important part of the global economy because they enable products to be moved efficiently to sellers and buyers. Unlike the old days, when the products were transported in individually wrapped or packaged products, products are now transported in big bulk crates and pallets. One could argue that the structure of the crates and pallets are, in effect, the bones of the global economy. These are made of wood, which is a renewable resource. It takes decades to grow trees but they grow back quickly. If forests are managed properly, the wood fiber can be harvested for new crates and pallets in just a few years.

Crated and Pallets reduce contamination.

One study revealed that wooden pallets absorb bacteria naturally, which is not possible with plastic pallets. Thus, the bacteria mainly want to penetrate the wood but die within a few hours. On the other hand, in plastic, bacteria remain on the surface. 


A common sight in big box stores is crates and pallets. When transporting goods, crates and pallets are beneficial to the environment because they help with energy efficiency and fuel consumption. The lifespan of a simple crate is 12 years. Products that are stacked on top of the crate lose fewer products and require less cooling during transportation. These crates can also be reused, which reduces the need for new products. Pallets also help with fuel consumption. When a product needs to be moved, one truck can carry more than one pallet, saving fuel and decreasing carbon emissions. Custom crates are also possible as per the requirements.

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