Discusses How To Correct One’s Vision at the Lasik Vision Center

December 21 00:54 2021 Discusses How To Correct One’s Vision at the Lasik Vision Center

Lasik vision correction allows people to greatly reduce their need for glasses or even eliminate the need entirely. This surgery has advanced significantly since it was first developed in 1974. Those who are ready to pursue this surgery need to know what to expect so they can be prepared. Individuals can learn more by clicking here

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is one of the most common types of eye surgery, according to This procedure transforms the surface area of the cornea, helping to shape it so the eyes see as close as possible to 20/20. The procedure requires very little downtime and may allow a person to say goodbye to glasses and contacts forever. At SharpeVision, individuals can feel secure in having this surgery. 

What Can Individuals Expect From This Surgery?

Once the individual has been prepped for their surgical procedure, they will enter the LASIK suite. This suite allows individuals to relax on a cushioned surgical bed. The patient will have their neck supported by a special cushion that gives full protection to their head and neck. 

The eyelids are held open with a special device that does not cause any pain. Because the eyes are numbed fully, individuals will not feel any discomfort and their urge to blink will be greatly reduced. The patient’s eyes will be checked to ensure they are in the optimal position. The individual will then be asked to focus on a certain light or point. 

The programmed laser will go to work right away on reshaping the cornea according to the predetermined shape goal. It is normal to hear sounds and smell strange odors during the procedure. Many people liken the odors to singed hair. As the reshaping process commences, it is normal for patients to experience varying degrees of blurred vision. 

What Is Involved in the Recovery Process?

The recovery process is relatively quick. Because eye surgery requires no stitches, healing occurs rapidly. For a few hours after the procedure, it is normal to have blurred vision, stinging in the eyes, and some degree of irritation. These issues should begin to fade within a few hours. Most people resume their normal actives within a couple of days. 

Discover the Reasons for Getting LASIK

Those who are tired of being tied to a pair of glasses or wearing contacts will need to discover 5 reasons now is the perfect time to get LASIK surgery. This surgery is safe and effective. All adults can benefit from this procedure. 

Start with a Consultation Appointment

Individuals need to first discover if they are a good candidate for LASIK. A person must not have a prescription that is changing frequently, and they must be in good overall health. The doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if the individual is a good candidate for the procedure. Once a person learns they are a good candidate, the procedure will be scheduled and will take only a few minutes per eye. With LASIK, individuals can finally see with clarity. 

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