How bestselling author Jessica Rivera shifted from manager to motivator

December 20 21:09 2021
After years of managing teams in the corporate space, she stopped focusing on the numbers and started nurturing the inner drive and confidence of her clients.

Jessica Rivera is a doer. Even more important, she’s a learner. After years of managing corporate sales teams with a relentless focus on performance and numbers, she realized she didn’t want to focus on these objective things. “I wanted to inspire them!” she says. And she did.

Now she has translated that experience into her coaching practice, where she is driven to work with leaders and help them grow and serve as models to others. “Ultimately I really want to reach leaders, because we touch a lot of people,” she explains. “If I can touch you in a way that inspires you and makes you feel good, then everybody you touch, you’re going to make them feel good. My goal is for everybody to just be confident, be authentic, be who you are, and know that it is okay to make mistakes because we’re going to learn from them and we’re going to be better.”

She also expects her clients to do the work. As a person who disliked public speaking, Jessica worked hard on her mindset and then put herself in situations where she could practice her growing skills. “I would force myself to volunteer for things that scared the living daylights out of me,” she laughs. “Now people tell me, ‘You’re such a natural.’ No, I am not a natural. I still get nervous, but I am prepared and that gives me confidence. Those are some of the things that are in my coaching program—building that confidence, working on that communication. And I never stop learning. I’m a lifelong learner.”

Wherever her clients are in their journey, Jessica meets them there and challenges them to take action, and also to realize they don’t have to go it alone. There are people and resources to support them. “I would say for the younger moms or the single moms—and I’ve been both—don’t let your circumstances trap you. I was undereducated, I was a single mom, I am Latina. You kind of play those stories in your mind and you think that somebody’s judging you because you’re judging yourself. Everybody has a story, everybody’s life isn’t as perfect as you think it is, and so trust in your own awesomeness. Trust that you are dope as hell, but know that you have to see it first.”

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Find Jessica at her website,, and on Instagram @CoachJessicaRivera, where she invites DMs! “Let’s chat. I mean, I have found some of the greatest friends through Instagram and social, so definitely reach out.”

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