Algeria Wins 2021 FIFA Arab Cup Against Tunisia

December 20 15:18 2021

Algeria won their first Arab Cup this year with two extra-time goals made by the midfielders, Amir Sayoud and captain Yacine Brahimi. The Arab Cup trophy is the newest addition for the Algeria National Football Club’s collection since their winning stint in Africa Cup of Nations in 2019.

Amir Sayoud was just a substitute in the team but proved to the millions of fans all over the globe that fill-ins can carry important matches like the series finals. Tunisia’s goalkeeper, Mouez Hassen, did not expect Sayoud’s 99th-minute attack that went straight in the net, making the latter an instant hero for Algeria.

To seal the deal, Brahimi pushed himself to clear out the field and made the whole team protect the defense while he gathered himself to push the ball to the net, making a poetic ending for the underdogs of the match.

Algeria’s win marks another great success story as sports enthusiasts and the media often told that this young club that has no legit superstars, doesn’t stand a chance against any national football clubs, moreso, winning the competitive Arab Cup.

So with this victory, Algeria has proved that this club that’s full of rookies and new guns have a lot of potential to compete and edge out on more matches, including the Africa Cup of Nations where they’ll be competing against Cameroon next month.

Both national football clubs didn’t have their European stars during the finals match but still, Algeria and Tunisia played an exciting game for the fans, especially for the jam-packed Al-Bayt Stadium.

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