Introducing Coco Leveaux’s Smoothing Bikini Crème, a New Luxury Skincare Product for the Bikini Area

December 20 20:00 2021
Prevent ingrown hairs and improve discoloration in the bikini area with Coco Leveaux’s newest standout formula.

While it is not a topic often talked about, having ingrown hairs and dark spots in the bikini area is an issue that many women deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is a lack of high-quality products that effectively address this issue. Having identified this gap in the market, board-certified dermatologists Moneé Thomas-Martin and Lauren Payne decided to create a groundbreaking skincare brand that would solve a long-existing issue that many women are too embarrassed to talk about.

Founded in 2017, Coco Leveaux is a premier skincare line created by two black female dermatologists who believe that skincare products should help solve skincare issues of the entire body and not just the face. Unlike most brands, they offer luxury products that care for the skin in body parts that are sometimes forgotten or overlooked, such as the bikini area.

And now, after three years of perfecting the formula, they are finally introducing a new product that helps prevent ingrown hair and improve discoloration in the bikini area – the Smoothing Bikini Crème. According to the Coco Leveaux team, what makes this product stand out is it “merges medically active and clean ingredients to outperform other products that claim to help skin issues in the bikini area.”

By combining ingredients like retinol, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), kojic acid, and tranexamic acid, Coco Leveaux’s Smoothing Bikini Crème can effectively smoothen bikini bumps, prevent ingrown hairs, and lighten dark spots in as fast as one week.

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About Coco Leveaux

Coco Leveaux is an innovative skincare brand founded by two black dermatologists in 2017. They offer clients luxury products that improve skin health for the entire body.

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