Romantic Food Seduction Channel Aims to Release Stress

December 20 13:16 2021
Romantic Food Seduction Channel Aims to Release Stress
Asian Food Nerd shows the power of romance paired with food seduction on YouTube channel.

Asian Food Nerd, Rayfil Wong, an Asian American living in Asia for the past decade, created a new genre on his YouTube channel paring romantic stories with food seduction. The upcoming video, Romantic Noodle Seduction, is a great introduction to what you can expect.

As an ex-food journalist in San Francisco and a son of a restauranteur, Wong grew up understanding the seductive power of food.  Living in Hong Kong the past decade, Wong used this knowledge during his dates.

Wong said, “I cannot forget that date night when she was slurping the juice out of the dumplings. I want to give my viewers an escape through romantic food seduction. Food can be incredibly sensual and has a strong power of seduction that can help spice up your intimacy, pun intended.”

According to Glamour magazine, the billion-dollar romance industry is on the rise. Wong, an ex-marketing director at a media company, is hoping to feed the appetite transforming the medium from books to digital.  He has hired a team of editors, writers, and voice over to produce monthly romantic food seduction series. 

Taking inspiration from the Hollywood films including When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene and 50 Shades of Grey, date night will never be the same. 

Once a month, romantic food seduction series will be launched.  All the while, Asian Food Nerd subscribers can whet their palate with daily fifteen-second food videos on YouTube.  Since launching in late August, the channel now has over 300 videos and 340,000 views.

For more information, visit and follow Rayfil Wong on YouTube and Instagram.

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