Chef Tawah Lightfoot El Reveals Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle In New Book Titled The Detox: The 33 Day Detox

December 16 23:40 2021
Chef Tawah Lightfoot El Reveals Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle In New Book Titled The Detox: The 33 Day Detox
The recent publication by the author which is available for purchase on Amazon is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively transition into a clean healthy lifestyle free of drugs and all the usual gimmicks associated with similar works

Chef Tawah Lightfoot El has released a new book on Amazon titled The Detox: The 33 Day Detox. Published on 24th October 2021 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, The Detox: The 33 Day Detox by the chef is best described as a comprehensive guide written to help people understand the importance of eating right. In addition, the new book also offers guidance to those willing to improve their eating habits and discloses effective ways to detoxify their systems to ensure optimum functionality.

According to Chef Tawah Lightfoot El, much of the food being consumed today is either synthetic or lacks enzymes. The continued consumption of such unhealthy food presents a host of unfavorable consequences that soon leaves the body sick and unable to function optimally. 

While a lot of people are becoming more conscious of the type of food they consume, there exists little or no literature showcasing realistic strategies for healthy eating. A lot of the materials on the subject are filled with gimmicks and unreliable or unverifiable information.

The Detox: The 33 Days Detox, on the other hand, is an expertly crafted and trustworthy guide put together by the chef who relied mostly on the rich experiences of his upbringing in the Virgin Islands where everything he ate was either grown at home or right there on the island.

Ever since he was a child, Chef Tawah has been incredibly fascinated by the science of food and its effect on the human body. While studying plants, the human body, and food, Chef Tawah discovered that they all possess the same structure, with the body being made up of 102 minerals.

Chef Tawah says he created the work as a starting point to help readers transition into leading a healthy lifestyle by detoxifying the body down to a cellular level and prepping the digestive system for absorption of minerals from the proper food that assimilates well with the body. The chef has also reiterated that he is passionate about teaching and raising awareness on the healing properties of food.

Currently available for purchase on Amazon, the 146 paged work has continued to receive rave reviews from readers who have spared no words in expressing their satisfaction with its content.

“This book is small but packed with vital information about what it takes to heal ones body. I can tell that a lot of research went into the information in this book. I love the added touch of the Personal stories. I’m thankful for Tawah Lightfoot El for writing this book. I’m very proud of you and will try my best to support your endeavors.” – Jahmilla.

“Loved this this book!. Very informative. The first week of following the recipes in this book I lost 12lbs. Will definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a way to cleanse your body of toxins and wastes.” – Jared Sanchez.Books are available on and

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