Ancient Egyptian Jewelry is Available Today

December 16 23:39 2021
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry is Available Today

Since almost the beginning of time, humans have adorned their bodies with jewelry. These early beads and seashells were prized for their beauty and display status or divine favor. Perhaps no society valued personal adornment more than ancient Egypt. 

Jewelry was a Big Part of the Culture

A look back into the jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptians is as much a look back into ancient Egypt itself. While it is unknown how long humans have been wearing jewelry, our ancient ancestors left a few clues. The Museum of Jewelry has some great examples of ancient jewelry and artifacts.

Ancient remains paint a picture of a prehistoric society that fashioned body adornments out of everyday items that may have carried a unique value to them. Materials such as stones and feathers and animal teeth, bones, and talons were common materials used in early jewelry making. Many of these early creations date back tens of thousands of years. 

Worn By The Living and The Dead

The ancient Egyptians valued jewelry as a part of their everyday society, and it was worn by men and women alike, from nobility to the poor. The Egyptians believed that jewelry was an outward sign of the god’s favor—the more jewels a person wore, the more they were favored by the gods. When a loved one passed away, they were entombed with their jewelry because it was believed to provide them with protection in the next life.

Around 6000 years ago, gold was first used to make objects, and gold also allowed those ancient people to take jewelry making to an entirely new level. For some examples of how gold was used with gemstones, take a look at

Believed to have Supernatural Powers

Over time, jewelry became much more sophisticated, often involving geometric or other shapes and patterns. The Egyptians also used gemstones in the creation of intricate designs. These works of art were worn daily, and the ancient people believed that the jewels had magical or supernatural powers. The gems were thought to protect the wearer from harm, illness, or bad fortune. For samples of these pieces, check out

Roughly 4000 years ago, Egypt began to use its locally made jewelry to trade with other civilizations. Until this point, nearly all of the precious ornaments were made with either copper for the common people or gold, used mainly for nobility. After the Egyptians began trading with other cultures, silver was introduced into the making of Egyptian jewelry. 

The Influence is Still Seen Today

The distinctive style of classic Egyptian jewelry has seen a significant resurgence in the last few years. Interest in Egyptian-style bracelets and necklaces has reached a level not seen for centuries. While the contemporary jewelry styles are more subtle and sophisticated, the Egyptian influence is still present.  

The Museum of Jewelry was founded in 1964 with a focus on artifacts and antiques. Today, the collection includes handcrafted vintage pieces and artifacts. Contact them at 1-800-835-2700 or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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