John Saunders’ Book, “Go Away, I’m Dead” Uses Comedic Tone to Highlight Challenges Faced by Insurance Claims Investigators

December 16 05:00 2021
John Saunders’ Book, "Go Away, I’m Dead" Uses Comedic Tone to Highlight Challenges Faced by Insurance Claims Investigators
Using a humorous narrative to describe the ordeals he has had to face as an insurance claims investigator, John Saunders takes readers on an incredible adventure in his new book, “Go Away, I’m Dead”.

Dec 15, 2021 – John Saunders’ book, “Go Away, I’m Dead” discusses the serious challenges insurance claims investigators often face using a light, hearty tone. Having worked in the industry for more than thirty years, Saunders has met with interesting and intriguing characters on his journeys.

Some individuals were cooperative and gave Saunders no trouble. Others would go to great lengths to avoid being charged with insurance fraud. Saunders hilariously describes his experiences and the length people went to avoid being investigated.

“I’ve been mugged. I’ve been the focus of a violent mob. I’ve had a drunk military officer pull a gun on me, and I’ve been dragged out of an aircraft by corrupt staff. There’s no limit to what I’ve faced. When I look back at it, I’m surprised by the way people act when they’re caught but at the same time, I find it hilarious,” said Saunders, talking about his experiences over the past thirty years.

Saunders has been a first-hand witness to some of the most outrageous stories, including fake medical reports, disappearances, attempted murder, murder, and self-mutilation. There have been multiple attempts on his life as well. He even had to purchase a licence to carry a toilet in a car in River State in Nigeria.

The book also focuses on Saunders’ travel adventures, giving readers a peek into the culture and life of the eighty-three countries he has travelled to during his career of thirty years.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon, as well as Saunders’ website.

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John Saunders worked as an insurance fraud investigator for more than 30 years. Although based in the UK, Saunders has travelled the world for work-related purposes. His book, “Go, Away, I’m Dead”.

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