Sensa report shows that 91.78% of people notice increased stress levels after the pandemic

December 15 23:39 2021

Sensa, the mental health app that provides cognitive behavioral therapy-based guidance for people struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression, has released a report that almost 92% of people say they feel increased stress levels after the pandemic.

In the survey of 6 thousand people, the respondents have noted that they feel increased stress levels. The Covid-19 pandemic and the related lockdowns were some of the main reasons why the stress levels have increased in the general population. 

“We cannot escape stress. The real question is how resilient we are. Self-reflection is one of the main strategies to stress management. Sleep, nutrition, physical activity help, and mental hygiene is also very important.” – said psychotherapist Dainius Jakučionis, M.D., one of the creators of the Sensa app.

This data is consistent with other reports that show increased stress levels in society after the pandemic. 

American Psychological Association (APA) has released a report in February 2021 that shows 84% of adults feel at least one emotion associated with chronic stress. 47% of respondents felt anxiety, 44% said they felt sad, while 39% reported feelings of anger. This emotional state was directly impacted both by the pandemic and the political issues that followed the election season.

“We have noticed a growing need for systemized guidance for people who feel they are under tremendous pressure. With the high demand for mental health support and low supply of quick mental health interventions, millions of people are suffering from mental health problems alone. We knew we had to change this and offer an affordable mental care option.” – said Jakučionis. 

One of the main solutions for this problem is using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in mobile health applications. CBT is the leading type of psychotherapy in the world. It is commonly used in treating anxiety and depression. 

Mobile apps that use cognitive behavioral therapy are proven to be effective by researchers from the University of Bolton (United Kingdom), who found out that CBT techniques in mHealth apps can be helpful in treating multiple mental health issues.  

By combining an effective therapy method with the affordable mobile app platform, Sensa can provide mental health care support for anyone who needs it.

About Sensa

The Sensa app is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – one of the most commonly used and proven techniques to improve multiple mental health conditions. CBT treatment’s main goal is to change a person’s thinking patterns or change their relationship with them since these tendencies are why negative emotion and behavioral patterns occur. It is like a person is stuck in a continuous cycle of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. 

The Sensa app is designed to work as a mental health assistant for individuals. It provides never-ending, therapy-based guidance to mental health. Using this application, the person can follow a personalized mental wellness program, complete daily tasks, reflect on their mood, and assess their mental health state. Finally, for those who need fast help, Sensa provides plenty of quick relief exercises that help with panic attacks and other related anxiety issues.

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