STOGA Launches Their New Switch Controller – STOGA Nook Series Controller

December 15 17:40 2021
Providers of superior accessories and customizable gaming controllers, Shenzhen STOGA Technology Co., Ltd., announce the launch of the Nook Series Controller, a wireless pro controller for switch/switch lite

Shenzhen STOGA Technology Co., popularly known as STOGA, continues to push the boundaries in the global gaming industry. The claim has been substantiated severally and more recently with the launch of the STOGA Nook series controller. Over the years, STOGA has been able to carve a niche in the multi-billion-dollar market for providing games with a unique playing experience, thanks to their range of superior accessories and customizable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs.

The Trend In The Global Gaming Industry

There has been a steady increase in the demand for gaming solutions across the globe. In a related development, a plethora of brands, including manufacturers, such as game developers, and retailers have emerged to respond to the increasing demand from customers. Makers of gaming accessories and controllers have also created products to suit the needs of players and enhance the experience. Despite the increasing number of brands in the gaming industry, many of the products do not effectively address the concerns of gamers, especially due to their generic nature. However, the STOGA team has been able to change this narrative as reiterated with the Nook Series Controller as well as other products from the company.

The STOGA Nook Series Controller Vs. Nintendo Pro Controller

The STOGA Nook Series is designed to be compact and easy to handle, measuring 9.5cm by 12.7cm, compared to a regular pro controller that measures 10.6cm by 15.2cm. STOGA Nook Series Controller shares similarities like dual motors and wireless and wire control with the Nintendo Pro controller. However, the nook series controller has adjustable turbo function, which is absent in the Nintendo Pro Controller. It also offers adjustable vibration unlike its Nintendo counterpart that has HD vibration. STOGA Nook Pro controller has 6-axis somato sensor while Nintendo Pro Controller offers Accelerometer / Gyro sensor.

Unique Features Of The STOGA Nook Series Controller

Other features of the switch controller are strong anti-interference and stable signal, ability to reach extremely precise speeds and built-in 300mAh lithium battery that can support up to 8 hours of working time after fully charged. The STOGA Nook Series Controller also boasts of dual vibration for boosting the gaming experience with a fantastic vibration effect, a motion sensor with a built-in 6-axis gyro, capable of precise speed, position, accurate control, and rapid start/stop motion, and remote wake-up to enable users to easily wake up the switch by pressing the Home button.

Feedback From Users Of The STOGA Nook Series Controller

The STOGA Nook Series Controller has expectedly enjoyed rave reviews from users in different parts of the world. The controller is already making waves in a relatively short while, judging by the accolades coming from gamers.

For more information about the STOGA Nook Series Controller and other amazing products from STOGA, visit – STOGA Game also has a growing online community across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.


STOGA was founded to deliver a fantastic gaming experience to people across the globe by offering top-notch gaming devices and gadgets at relatively affordable rates. The goal of the company is to push the boundaries in the global gaming industry through accessories and customizable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs to meet the growing and diverse needs of users.

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