Mary Osborne Launches to Increase Dementia Related Awareness and Help People Find Answers to Their Questions Related to It.

December 14 01:23 2021
Mary Osborne Launches to Increase Dementia Related Awareness and Help People Find Answers to Their Questions Related to It.
“Mary Osborne strives to assess and manage each situation so that safety, quality of life and optimal engagement is achieved.”

AUSTIN, TEXAS – DECEMBER 13, 2021 – Mary Osborne, an occupational therapist based out of Austin, TX,  has worked over these past 9 years in nearly every OT setting helping those with dementia, along with providing caregiver help & support. On the new website launched, she has answered some of the related questions from her patients.

Mary Osborne is pleased to announce the launching of her new website-, to increase Dementia related awareness and help people find answers to their questions related to it. She has been working with patients these past 9 years and knows how to address clients frequent questions in her practice. The new website is published to be easy to read and contains accurate information about the condition.

Memory loss is one of the most common symptoms of dementia. Patients struggling with dementia struggle to remember things, especially things they have just learned. One may experience difficulty remembering dates, events (such as doctor appointments or birthdays), and the ability to learn new information. Another symptom is difficulty performing tasks they have always done, such as cooking a meal that they have made for years, playing a game, operating the TV, or even paying their bills. This gets more difficult as their dementia gets more severe over the years.

The website describes the types of dementia, symptoms, causes, understanding various stages of dementia, and treatment used to address the problem. There is no cure or treatment for dementia. Patients can only help manage symptoms, such as medication, counseling, and support groups.


Mary Osborne is an Occupational Therapist in Austin, TX. She has been working as an OT for over 9 years, and she decided to create her own OT consulting company here in Texas. Along with practicing as an OT, she’s also certified in Teepa Snows Positive Approach to Care as a PAC Certified Independent Consultant. Over these past years, she has seen caregivers’ challenges when helping those with dementia. She has seen the positive impact she can make in the lives of others, including those living with dementia and those caring for those living with dementia. Her passion and love for helping others have ultimately led me to create her website-

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