Gurvinder Kaur Launches Season 2 of The Guri Show Podcast

December 13 12:02 2021
Experienced Course, Marketing, and Mindset Coach, Mentor, and Strategist, Gurvinder Kaur, announces the launch of Season 2 of TGS Podcast and an irresistible training offer for new or aspiring course creators.

Gurvinder Kaur is on the pursuit to helping purpose-driven new or aspiring coaches and course creators   with no online presence or knowledge of online marketing and sales go from scratch to selling their online course/program/offer (whether they want it as a lucrative sideline or the main thing).

I take them through the 6 phases step-by-step so that they can uplevel their business and identity without fear and stress,” says Gurvinder Kaur.

A report by Facts and Factors put the global e-learning market size and share revenue at $144 billion in 2019, projecting that it will reach $374.3 billion by 2026.

Despite the amazing figures coming from the industry, thousands of online course/program creators still struggle to get their courses to their target audience. That is either because some get stuck in the spiral of self-doubt with stereotypes hitting them from all the directions OR because they are unaware of the know-how of how it’s all done.

However, Gurvinder Kaur is looking to change this narrative. For solving the first problem she is launching season 2 of The Guri Show Podcast on Dec 15th where she is inviting several experts to share their experiences when they hit the wall on their entrepreneurial journey or when they dismantled a stereotype for themselves and moved past it for the good.

When it comes to helping people go from “I’m all over the place” to “I just sold my first course in less than 14 days” she has launched a mini training offer [Fast Money Fast Course – launched 5th Dec] that will allow interested people to get started and create and sell their first course in less than 14 days so now they no longer have to wait for months or years before putting their first course out in front of the people in order to build that trust ad authority in the market.

Gurvinder believes in empathy, service, integrity, and compassion.

She says when we keep our best talents and skills to ourselves and don’t share it with others we do a disservice to those who might get the most help from those skills [and who knows those very things might change their lives for forever].

The one reason why the theme for season 2 of The Guri Show Podcast is “Breaking Stereotypes” is the fact that business or entrepreneurship is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy, stresses Gurvinder, and with the help of TGS Podcast she is trying to help people get past their fears. The best way is to hear it from others how they overcome their fears and achieve their desires.

It will also be an opportunity for more people to join the long list of exceptional online coaches that have come under the mentorship of Gurvinder over the years.

For more information about The Guri Show Podcast and other projects from Gurvinder Kaur LLC, visit – Gurvinder Kaur can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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