Dr. M. Teri Daunter’s riveting book “The Quantum Life” takes readers into learning the language of infinity

December 13 13:03 2021
“THE QUANTUM LIFE: There is a Better Way to Live,” Dr. Daunter’s revolutionary book, is about a more vigorous way to live as it awakens individuals to more profound self-knowledge – speaking to individuals on a personal level.

Dr. M. Teri Daunter’s riveting book, “THE QUANTUM LIFE: There is a Better Way to Live,” which talks about self-realization and the inner life’s physics, is now available in leading digital stores globally.

By studying the interdimensional regenerative system of one’s gradual evolution, the book serves as an archetypal organization for the survival of the soul. The gripping book provides an in-depth probe of how one becomes ill, dreary, and soulless and offers readers excellent psychotherapeutic mechanisms and quantum technologies to heal themselves through quantum energy, a medical, or spiritual model. 

“The QUANTUM LIFE: There is a Better Way to Live” rouses the individual to understand how people’s development stage in Consciousness defines how they interpret the experiences they gain around them. Out to give readers the longest vision in the room, the book explains how people live in a system that is psycho-spiritually crippled.

“You are sleeping imprisoned it informs. You are so bound to this dumb conformity built from deceptive tricks that you hardly perceive your bonds. Normal is not healthy! Normal is neurotic. The Quantum Life illustrates how you span two dimensions simultaneously,” writes Dr. Daunter.

The Quantum Life educates the individual to operate from a much bigger computer with boundless information. It helps them to understand how they can release blocked creativity and bring meaning to their lives. It provides the readers immense opportunity to look at themselves in the vast scope of life by connecting to their Infinite Creative Intelligence. 

“The Quantum Life is provocative, intellectually, and spiritually challenging. It will trigger you, and it will awaken you. It will dispel the false view of what you are as an individual in the universe, which has rendered you false and unhappy,” Dr. Daunter adds. 

Unless readers don’t want their comfortable tiny world disrupted, the book will help them shed their masks and accept who they are. 

Peter J. Ugocean, a licensed psychologist and the Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Medical SRL in Romania, said that “The Quantum Life” has so much to unpack. 

“What is it about? About everything, about our perceptions, about reality as we know it, and the reality behind the Matrix, the reality that we feel is there, we know it is there, we know it is important, more important than our perception of our four-dimensional lives,” writes Ugocean.

Ugocean describes Dr. Daunter’s views of the realm of quantum meditation as “revolutionary.” 

“I’m sure that I speak for all when Ι say that she has put in words that what we couldn’t. The outside pressure of our society, of our everyday life, indoctrinated us into an “Orthodoxy” which failed and keeps failing us, thus even if we feel that there is more to life, there is more to being, instead of just existing, we dare not explore these feelings,” Ugocean adds.

Dr. M. Teri Daunter is an enduring student of spirituality. Despite her extensive practice in private clinics for thirty-nine years and holds two PhDs – one in Quantum Advanced Medicine and another one in Clinical Psychology – she is apprised by Consciousness. 

Dr. Daunter’s commitment does not end with the physical as it does with conventional treatment. She works with quantum-physical levels of systems in discovering the roots of imbalances. 

Those interested in getting a copy of the “THE QUANTUM LIFE: There is a Better Way to Live” can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository

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