Author and poet Mrs. Ellen Beth Berman brings an enthralling, emotional book of poetry in the acclaimed piece, “The Voice of the Rooster And the Lessons It Teaches”

December 13 08:12 2021
The book features personal and emotional narratives in each of the poems, which seek to take readers on a journey of developing a closer and intimate relationship with their own souls.

Acclaimed author and poet Mrs. Ellen Beth Berman brings poems that seek to take readers into a purpose-filled journey to look for the meaning of every day of their lives in her book “The Voice of the Rooster And the Lessons It Teaches.”

“Finding one’s purpose is more than just a cliché or an ambition that seems difficult to fulfill. It is, in fact, a tool for a happier and healthier life that only a few try to use,” says Mrs. Berman. 

In “The Voice of the Rooster: And the Lessons It Teaches,” readers are in for an ultimate guide on how to create a close and personal relationship with their own souls. For instance, it offers a close look at the concept of unconditional love in her poem “Awaiting You.” 

The summary of the book states, “We may travel the world looking for “that one special spot.” What if this place is not outside of ourselves but within? What if all our journeys lead us to the same destination? The root of our creativity? that which unites us as human beings? Our personal mission on earth? How was the world fabricated to be? What can a simple rooster teach us upon awakening? What if his “song” is truly the song of our heart?”  

Mrs. Berman takes poetry on a unique and different level in the book. While poetry usually tends to be open to interpretation and enables individuals to take the meaning from how they deem applicable, Mrs. Berman offers poetry that provides life lessons and spiritual guides for those who want to discover. The book also lends a voice to readers that speaks not just emotionally but educationally as well. 

Ellen Beth Berman was brought up in the Appalachian hills of Southwestern Virginia. She compares one’s spiritual journey to going into the darkness of a coal mine and returning with diamonds. Mrs. Berman and her husband now live in Maryland. “Our riches are the love of family and friends,” she shares.  

Those who want to get a copy of “The Voice of the Rooster And the Lessons It Teaches” can purchase it on Amazon and Book Depository. A must-read, the book serves as an excellent read for people who enjoy reading poetry, particularly poetry that is inspirational and offers spiritual guides. 

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