Author Lorna Klohn’s “I’ll Remember April” brings a sweeping, romantic tale that chronicles four generations

December 13 07:57 2021
Set against a turbulent historical backdrop, author Lorna Klohn, who goes by the pen name Jean Murray Munden, conjures an impressive and touching historical drama that has a lot to offer than just romance.

Author Lorna Klohn’s “I’ll Remember April,” a nostalgic story of a woman in his eighties reflecting upon her life and her “what ifs,” is now available globally. It’s an excellent pick for those into love romances and historical fiction.

The story begins with 20-year-old Lulu Ferris, who visits her 80-year-old grandmother, Louise, to discuss her love life.

Lulu, already engaged to be married, has suddenly fallen in love with a man some years older than her. 

Louise contemplates the problem by reflecting upon the past and the two loves she experienced. She also looked back at her relationship with her two sisters and the effect of war on families.

Her musings on the past and her “what ifs” in life are a persistent hook that draws readers in further. 

The masterpiece features a “high romantic” twist, excellently bringing together ideas of how narratives interlock and how the present time is informed by the events that happened in the past.

“I’ll Remember April” is about a love story that spans seventy years and four generations of a family but centers on Louise and her two sisters.

Set in Ottawa, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Vancouver, B.C., the story covers 70 years beginning from the outset of the First World War to the present.

One review on Amazon praised the novel for being “informative, intriguing and could happen in real life.”

Another review from Kathryn Ens on Amazon lauded the author for coming up with a novel that’s realistic in nature and presents “various historical facts to learn about.” 

Lorna, the author, is a 76-year-old widow who has been engaged in storytelling in one form or another since she was a child. 

She grew up in a small town, moved to the city at 16 years old, and then trained as a nurse in a huge city hospital after finishing high school. 

Lorna has practiced her profession for only a short time before marrying a widower with three lovely children. 

They had a son of their own, traveled extensively, and a happy marriage of nearly 49 years. She lives alone, maintaining close ties with her family, and writes at her leisure.

Readers who want to learn more about the acclaimed author Lorna Klohn and her work could check out her website.  

Those interested in getting a copy of “I’ll Remember April” can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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