Age Group, Creating a Digital Universe for Seniors Around the World

December 10 19:48 2021
Seniors can now enjoy finance, health, and lifestyle content specifically for them by exploring the Age Group metaverse.

In a 2018 study on loneliness and social connections conducted by AARP Research, they found that “1 in 3 seniors in the US feels lonely.” Now read it again.

To create a better world for everyone, these numbers must change – and technology allows it. While human interaction remains to be critical, technology holds promise to help curb loneliness and social isolation. And as technology becomes more accessible and an ever-more ingrained part of people’s lives, internet usage among older people has grown throughout the last decade, with the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating this trend even further. Today, it is estimated that around a fifth of all internet users are over the age of 55.

Envisioning a universe for seniors where they can learn, meet, and develop, Age Group decided to create their own digital universe or metaverse, where content tailored to the specific needs, wills, and demands of seniors all over the world are readily available and easily accessible. From interactive activities all the way to a full online life, Age Group is committed to designing this metaverse specifically for them.

Nowadays, with the pandemic and the rise of all the funky, cool content creators who generate content for 16 years old, the most affluent as well as skeptical and experienced audience is left underserved – leaving a huge gap in the market. Having identified this gap, Age Group decided to build a network of online websites that focus on three main pillars for seniors – finance, health, and lifestyle.

At Pension Times, seniors can enjoy a simplified experience when learning and choosing the most beneficial financial products and services for them. From information around day-to-day budgeting and personal financial management to long-term investments and inheritance tax planning, Pension Times provides everything they need to address their financial queries and concerns.

For all things health, Health Times is the website to visit. Health Times is here to help seniors learn everything they need to know about maintaining one’s health into their 50’s and beyond. They cover all sorts of topics – from diet and exercise to chronic illnesses and end-of-life care – to ensure they get to live the life they want 100% on their terms.

Age Times, on the other hand, is a lifestyle website for seniors interested in discovering new music, exploring the latest technologies, and learning about the best ways to find new hobbies or passions.

Currently, these websites are available in the UK, while expansion plans to the US are already underway. With the launch targeted in the 2nd quarter of 2022, the US websites will still be based around the three pillars while developing additional niche assets on topics that are more relevant and require specific attention around each of the main pillars.

Explore the Age Group metaverse now by visiting

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Age Group is a company that envisions a digital universe or metaverse for seniors to learn, meet, and develop. By creating tailored content on finance, health, and lifestyle, they aim to meet the specific needs, wills, and demands of seniors.

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