InnerCamp is helping people heal and transform through breathwork

December 10 16:15 2021
Holistic organisation InnerCamp is on a mission to help people live healthier, more fulfilling, and purposeful lives and reveal their best selves through the powerful effects of breathwork.

InnerCamp’s initiatives include retreats, workshops, and teacher training courses that incorporate breathwork, active meditation, shamanic practices, mindfulness, yoga, tantra, aquatic therapy, transpersonal therapy, trauma release, positive psychology, NLP, Gestalt therapy, and holistic coaching. 

“InnerCamp literally translates to a camp within you. We are a global community dedicated to making the world a better place by empowering our students and awakening their potential to live their best life,” explains InnerCamp founder Alexis Alcalá.

To accomplish this, InnerCamp takes people on a deeply healing, transformative journey that encourages them to connect with their authentic self and live more consciously. 

“Through our tailored experiences and profound techniques, we help you free yourself of the limiting decisions, memories, and beliefs that stop you being fully present, so you can build stronger relationships, pursue your true purpose, and enjoy life to the fullest with gratitude and belief,” adds Alexis.

“Many people come to InnerCamp because they want to resolve their anxiety, depression, past traumas, and so on. We give them the tools to address their issues, and restore balance to their mind, body and spirit.”

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InnerCamp is a member of the International Breathwork Foundation. Its educational programs are also registered and accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.

“Our global network of trusted teachers and masters of mindful disciplines is the core value of InnerCamp. We are motivated to share our knowledge, expertise and practical skills with those who want a career in well-being and consciousness.”

“Our certified teacher training courses are a deep dive into basic and advanced breathwork, tantra, reiki, shamanism and other spiritual practices. We equip you to become a confident facilitator and guide you in creating your own unique exercises, techniques, and meditations.”

InnerCamp also believes in giving back. It is donating 10% of its profit to NGO ‘Women Going Beyond’ which aims to provide education and self-improvement resources to women in rural Southeast Asia who are in vulnerable situations.

Celebrating stories of transformation

InnerCamp offers live events in Europe, America and Asia as well as online events.

“Our retreats, workshops, and training courses are designed to make you feel welcome and inspire you to let go of your inhibitions and completely immerse yourself in the experience,” says Alexis.

“Whether you are in a process of personal development or seeking new tools to coach your clients, InnerCamp’s powerful combination of breathwork, yoga, meditation, tantric practices, positive psychology, ecstatic dance, shamanism, and other wellness activities help you resolve trauma and create space for new positive energy.”

“We work hard to ignite transformative change and help you connect with your inner self. It is your stories of success and happiness that are our greatest reward,” concludes Alexis.


InnerCamp was founded by Alexis Alcalá, a certified executive and personal coach. Alexis’ work revolves around people management in various spheres of life. He has worked with companies across Europe, Africa, and Asia as a trainer, mentor, manager, and coach. 

He is someone whose life graph took an astounding turnaround when he changed his own life with the method he created. Based on the transformation he underwent and the benefits he derived from it, Alexis has made it his mission to transmit this knowledge to others in need with honesty and transparency.

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