Indoor Sports Organization, JC Sports Houston, Becomes a Top Performance Soccer Center in Texas

December 10 16:06 2021
Introducing JC Sports Houston, the only sports center in Texas that offers world-leading tech soccer training tools.

Jennifer and Cesar Coronel, the owners of JC Sports Houston, an indoor sports center in Houston, TX never thought their place would become one of the top soccer development organizations in Texas.

JC Sports Houston opened its doors in the summer of 2014, offering toddler and youth soccer, baseball, and basketball classes for kids ages 2-6 years old. Their goal was very simple – to offer quality youth sports programs and provide a safe environment for the kids to learn from their mistakes without the pressures that are so common in youth sports.

Soon, their center became extremely popular among parents in the Houston area. A part time business for Jennifer turned into a full time job for both, after Cesar quit his corporate position to continue to grow and service more families.

“It was a hard decision to leave my corporate job and relied fully on faith. When you have medical insurance, and a steady paycheck it is difficult to jump and become a business owner, but we did it,” shared Cesar. “After we made the move and continued to grow, we expanded into a bigger space, added basketball and multisport classes, soccer and baseball leagues, summer camps and birthday parties. Soon, we were serving over 300 families weekly with kids ages 2-12 years old. As our clients became older we had children who did not want to leave our programs. That was the point when we asked ourselves, what is next? How can we still serve and influence a population that wants to stay with JC Sports, offer quality training, be competitive and still follow our vision of creative player development? Our answer was simple! Technology, coaching education, and outstanding customer service,” he adds.

According to Cesar, technology was the missing link to continue player development, player engagement and fun programming. “We took a big step between 2016-2021 investing heavily in soccer technology. These tools allowed us to conduct assessments to find player opportunities, training tools that provide tons of repetition during a session and increase the speed of play on the field. Our systems not only train the athlete in the physical aspect of the game but also the mental with cognitive development exercises.”

Today, JC Sports Houston is the only sports center in Texas that offers tech soccer training tools used in teams around the world such as Barcelona FC, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United, among others. And not only do they train players ages 2-12 but also High School players, University players, professional soccer players, and international soccer players representing their own countries. In fact, they have had the pleasure to train players like Kimberly Rodriguez, Women Mexican National Team, Nichelle Prince, Women Canadian national Team, Jane Campbell and Kristy Mewis USWNT.

JC Sports Houston is as proud to provide a safe environment for the development of its toddler and youth sports players as they are to offer high performance quality training for university, professional, and international soccer players.

Some of the tools offered at their indoor location are Toca Football Soccer Training, Rezzil VR Training and Assessments, and Elite Skills Arena (ESA).

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About JC Sports Houston

JC Sports Houston is a toddler and youth indoor sports center, offering age-appropriate sports programs for children 24 months and up. Their ultimate goal is to “develop well-rounded creative players” by offering unique curriculums and development programs that place the child at the center of the game. The child will build motor skills, self-confidence, and sports technique while having fun through interactive games and drills.

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