NFT Marketplace NvirWorld revolutionizes the digital market with new NFT technology

December 10 16:00 2021

On the 8th of December, NFT Marketplace “NvirWorld” launched NV 2.0, the official version of its NFT platform, after a successful remodeling.

An NFT is a digital file that stores ownership and transaction details of various tangible and intangible assets such as art, music, and games.

They are verifiable assets that are easy for the general public to trade, and are also emerging as a popular form of investment for a wide range of audiences.

NvirWorld NV 1.0 version introduced selected NFT works by thoroughly managing registration, sales, and content quality based on curation, and returns in the NV2.0 version as an open market platform where all users can freely become artists and trade NFT works.

NvirWorld succeeded in establishing an optimal NFT trading environment with low gas fees and fast processing speed by applying the world’s first Layer 2 hybrid decentralization system.

Introducing this new NFT marketplace gives NvirWorld a springboard for a promising future. While other markets focus on promoting expensive NFT works, NvirWorld continues to launch various CSR campaigns through NFT auctions and donations that users from all over the world can participate in, utilizing NFT technology in ways that exert positive influence.

For example, Kim Byung Jong’s first NFT work “Main Entrance of Seoul National University” gifted to Chinese President Xi Jinping was sold online for 26.01 ETH (111,501 USD). The auction took place in 22 countries, including South Korea, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. All proceeds from the auction were donated to relief funds for children in Afghanistan and Haiti suffering from terrorism and natural disasters.

Bringing new heights to people’s anticipation, an NvirWorld representative said, “Through the CSR campaign, which has achieved steady success, we plan to lower entry barriers to NFTs for the world, and with the NV2.0 version, which is introduced as a next-generation NFT integrated service platform, we will launch various digital services that have not been seen nor experienced anywhere else”.

Meanwhile, NvirWorld offers cheaper services than Opensea, the world’s leading NFT marketplace.

They aim to revitalize the digital market ecosystem where artists (users) can truly coexist.

By eliminating unreasonable gas fees for each transaction and providing low service fees, they allow users to freely trade their works without being concerned about expensive gas fees.

Visit NvirWorld Official NFT Platform.

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