Pixelabz the 1st NFT DeFi Marketplace

December 09 10:51 2021

Discover Pixelabz, a unique concept of a community-based DeFi marketplace for NFTs. The concept is that each Pixelabz member joins an exclusive community and can enjoy preferred access to future NFT drops from all Pixelabz projects: early access, reserved supply, whitelist, and much more.

How does it work?

There are easy steps to become a Pixelabz member and access a unique DeFi marketplace:

  1. JOIN – First, to enter and become a member you need to hold a Pixelabz NFT. The membership is then automatically activated and you get access to more than $100M opportunity.

  2. STAKE – The holders can stake their Pixelabz NFTs and collect $LUCK every second. They can vote with the token, buy merch, get whitelisted to projects, enter lottery or auction events, etc… 

  3. FARM – The farming allows the holders to increase their $LUCK balance and cumulate them to use in the whole marketplace. Holders can increase their balance and farm up to 50,000% APY.

  4. MINT – Spend your $LUCK in our marketplace and take part in the best projects

Being a member of this community is being part of a whole ecosystem that runs all the projects, but also allows rewards that are found nowhere else.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pixelabz
Contact Person: Joni Mendes
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: www.pixela.bz

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