10 Power Up aims to the one-stop e-shop for alternative power sources

December 08 21:09 2021
10 Power Up is a one-stop online store dedicated to retailing alternative power sources for a range of ‘off the grid’ applications, including remote work sites, camping trips, and emergency and survival situations.

10 Power Up aims to become consumers’ number source for all things alternative power related equipping them to live comfortably ‘off the grid’ no matter the circumstances.

“There’s no denying it. Our world is entirely dependent on electricity. Most American homes cannot function without it. So, when the power goes out, it can range anywhere from a mere inconvenience to a major crisis. Being prepared can prevent the aggravation and help avoid the longer-term, possibly even life-threatening hazards associated with a blackout,” explains Mike Newby, founder of 10 Power Up.

“Your lights, appliances, electronic devices, heating, and cooling units, and so on all require electricity to function. Without the power to run these modern conveniences, life can be tough, even dangerous. In the absence of electricity supply from the grid, we must be able to generate our own power.”

Getting off the grid

10 Power Up offers a comprehensive range of CARB compliant standby, portable, and solar generators, inverters, dual fuel, propane gas, and power packs. 

“I created 10 Power Up because I’m passionate about generators. As an engineer, I use them virtually every day on work sites. On weekends, I love heading out with the family on camping trips in our trusty RV,” says Mike. 

“We have everything you need to provide your home an uninterrupted power supply for days. And with many states now requiring generators to be CARB compliant, it makes sense to buy a generator that is already approved.” 

“There are many reasons to invest in an alternative power source for your home. Being prepared for emergencies is one main reason and we’re all getting used to unpredictable weather. Having a generator, be it portable or standby, can make a significant difference in the event of a power outage or emergency blackout.” 

“Natural disasters like hurricanes, typhoons, floods, and earthquakes can lead to a downed power grid that may take a while to be fixed. A reliable alternative power source can ensure the continuity of your daily routine and support your basic needs like heating, cooking, lighting, and the running of appliances, electronic devices, and vital medical equipment,” add Mike.

“But investing in an alternative power source is not always about survival in the face of adverse events. Sometimes, it’s about adventure and the call of the wild. When nature beckons, a portable camping generator or phone power pack can add a touch of convenience, comfort and safety to your camping trip, even help jump start your car, bike, or boat battery.”

“Whether you’re venturing into the great outdoors, working on a remote site, or coping with an unforeseen power outage due to a natural disaster, I guarantee that 10 Power Up can help you choose the ideal alternative power source for your needs and purposes,” concludes Mike.


10 Power Up is a one-stop online site dedicated to retailing alternative power sources for a range of ‘off the grid’ applications. The company aims to become consumers’ number source for alternative power products and information, equipping them to live comfortably ‘off the grid’ no matter the underlying circumstances.

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