Dubai to Host Zarela, MENA’s First Neuro-Blockchain Startup

December 06 17:21 2021

Freshly launched neuro-science blockchain platform, Zarela, which helps neuroscience researchers collect data sets easier via blockchain technology, plans to expand its pioneering idea at the heart of the United Arab Emirates as the country announces its vision to become home to tech startups.

The decentralized bio-signal exchange platform, Zarela, focuses on the chronic challenge of collecting bio-signals, including signals from people’s hearts and brains, which has always been an expensive and onerous task toward researchers and slackened efforts to treat patients with cognitive or brain-related diseases. According to Emedicinehealth, datasets cost from $200 to $3000 per each for the researchers and take significant time to reach the acceptable sample number.

“Zarela platform with a decentralized approach on Ethereum network, is now connecting both researchers (Mages) and volunteers (Angels), and as a result, datasets will be collected rapidly from any part of the world, helping researchers focus on their studies instead of spending time on collecting data,” said Zoobin Nemati, Co-founder of Zarela.

Zarela’s CEO, Dr. Fatemeh Abdollah, also highlights the need for cognitive improvement, and mental remedy science and technologies in the post-covid era, mentioning the UAE’s successful challenge to handle the pandemic.

“Because of UAE government’s scientific attitude toward cutting-edge startups, we found Dubai as a sustainable destination to develop our technology and science-based startup here which is already in the seed stage.” She added.

Gulf countries are significantly competing with each other to become a regional hub for tech startups and talents from neighboring countries are weighting their destinations between UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.

At the same time, UAE’s Minister of State for Entrepreneurship, Ahmad al-Falasi noted that the country aims to host 20 unicorns worth more than $1 billion each during the next ten years.

The founders of Zarela, the biosignal marketplace which has already gained the scientific society’s attention, are seemingly have found Dubai as a growing platform to develop and expand their platform and to be part of this vision for UAE-based startups.

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