Charles Linden Gives Hope to Billions Suffering from Post-Covid Anxiety Disorders

December 06 17:12 2021
Linden and his team of psycho-educational recovery specialists add Anxiety Relief Club to their ‘from home’ programs lineup for recovery from all emotional suffering.

DECEMBER 6, 2021 – Charles Linden is the founder of Linden Tree Education, Linden Tree Learning and Anxiety Recovery Retreats, a world renowned provision with a 25 year history and a list of celebrity clients as evidence of an unmatched reputation for recovery.

Backing up the organisation’s arsenal of anxiety, stress and depression-busting instruction, Linden Tree have recently announced the launch of The Anxiety Relief Club, twice-weekly live, interactive coaching webinars in which clients will be led to recovery by Charles and his team of qualified mental health and recovery specialists.

Through the Recovery Portal, clients can watch simple anxiety recovery instruction videos, understand the science of disordered emotions and be provided the recovery method that has been used by over 360,000 clients.

The programs have been stringently tested for efficacy in University led trials and have been found to have an efficacy of ‘full recovery’. Statistics show that incoming clients rated at and average anxiety level of 18.24 out of 21 but after just two weeks, that dropped to 2.84 – any reading below 5 is said to be ‘normal’ emotional balance.

Linden Tree help people from all over the world, but also help sports-people, film stars, recording artists, politicians and more and are used by film and TV due to the speed of results experienced. When time equals cost, the team are brought in to get anxious people back on the field, stage or into the boardroom.

Anxiety disorders are entirely curable despite what sufferers are told and it is increasingly more vital, in the world we live in today, that sufferers are shown the true science of anxiety, the emotions and recovery so that they can find the fast and full recovery they deserve.

Sufferers are so often left bereft after therapies fail; they are often told that they are therapy resistant, incurable or must always rely on medication, counselling or alternative therapies but 25 years practice helping millions of people has demonstrated that none of that is true and that Linden Tree offer that vital hope and recovery guidance sufferers need.

About Charles:

Hay House Publishing call Charles The World’s Leading Anxiety Expert and his 25 years at the coalface of mental health education have resulted in thousands of client testimonials and an unmatched reputation. Charles is a published author, TV presenter, radio guest, podcast guest, blogger and stress and anxiety recovery consultant to sport, media and more. LTE offers recovery programs, recovery consultancy, recovery practitioner accreditation, residential programs and program development.

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