PureMate Range of Heaters Are Stylish And More Energy Efficient To Create Warmth All Through The Year

December 06 11:44 2021
PureMate Range of Heaters Are Stylish And More Energy Efficient To Create Warmth All Through The Year
2500W Oil Filled Radiator With 11 Heating Fins – Portable Electric Heater

PureMate is pleased to bring a new line of heaters to deal with cold winter. They have made improvements over the previous versions to develop heaters that are smarter, sleeker, and more efficient than ever.

After the recent launch of various home appliances, it was time for PureMate to bring their updated line of room heaters on the market. The previous versions of PureMate room heaters are still being used and loved by thousands of customers throughout the country. However, they believe that the new smart features and being energy efficient will make the customers love the products even more.

“The technology is constantly evolving and we are trying to incorporate the latest technologies on our home appliances to make them even more functional and user friendly,” says the spokesperson of PureMate.

“As part of the initiative, today we are launching the updated line of our room heaters”.

“Our goal is to ensure the coziest indoor winter experience for our customers. That’s why we have the perfect option to fit everyone’s needs and home décor,” he added.

The 2500W room heater is the perfect pick for covering any large space. With its 11 oil-filled fins, it is capable of heating up very quickly to distribute warmth across your room. Its sleek grey design helps it to fit in any modern indoor décor.

More info: https://puremate.co.uk/product/puremate-2500w-oil-filled-radiator-with-11-heating-fins-portable-electric-heater/

It features 3 heat settings (1000/1500/2500) and an adjustable thermostat dial. So, if you want to enjoy a moderate level of warmth or use it in a smaller room, you can do that as well.

PureMate offers three variants of 2000W heaters suitable for covering medium to large areas. The one with the digital convection radiator comes with 4 heat settings varying from 667W to 2000W. It enables you to keep the room temperature to your preferred level by using the adjustable thermostat dial. Also, its built-in 24-hour timer lets you set up when the radiator will automatically be turned on or off.

The other two 2000W variants are Oscillating Ceramic Tower Fan Heater. Both of them feature Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology that enables them to be self-regulating, therefore, run open-loop without any external diagnostic controls. The state-of-the-art energy-efficient heating utilized by these two enables them to reach the desired temperature level quickly. Once reaching the temperature, the energy consumed by the heaters drops significantly. So, they consume a lot less electricity than other traditional heaters.

To maintain your desired room temperature, you can use the adjustable thermostat or the 3 predefined settings for heating levels.

More info: https://puremate.co.uk/product/puremate-2000w-oscillating-ceramic-portable-tower-fan-heater-with-adjustable-thermostat-2-heating-settings-with-remote-control-and-timer/

The 1500W and 1800W Mini Ceramic Fan Heaters are a great choice for small to medium-sized rooms. Both of them feature the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology and are very energy efficient. You can use their 3 modes: 1800-watt high heat, 1000-watt low heat, and normal blow fan to keep your room temperature to your desired level. Also, they are lightweight and portable. So, you can even carry them with you from one place to another.

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