Social Media & Blockchain – A Match Made in Heaven

December 03 15:04 2021
Social Media & Blockchain - A Match Made in Heaven

The digital space moves at the speed of light. Pretty quickly, today’s news turns into tomorrow’s history. Every day there’s a new viral video replacing the last Ice Bucket Challenge, with viewers already losing their minds over the next thing trending. The digital space is fast-paced and similar to that is its rapid adoption of new technologies.

Blockchain is one such innovation that is about to transform the digital space. Unlike the constant ups and downs of the social media industry, blockchain technology is highly reliable. The number one reason is that it transfers power from the hands of social media giants to social media influencers. Data stored on the blockchain is unalterable since they are cryptographically encrypted. This means creators can gain autonomy of their content and can protect it against data breaches.

Viewers on blockchain-based social media platforms don’t have to be bogged down by ads and suggestions they don’t need. They choose what they want to watch. Moreover, viewers can access content freely. As blockchain works on encryption technology, there remains no scope for platforms to mine users’ data. All these and more have made blockchain the talk of the virtual town.

Glimpse: The New Face of Blockchain Social Media

Blockchain is a gift that keeps on giving, and Glimpse has hit the bull’s eye by marrying social media with NFTs. As an extension of blockchain, NFT allows creators to own their creations solely. There are no third parties, intermediaries, or governing bodies involved.

Even when the famous 15th-century painter Leonardo Da Vinci painted The Last Supper, a monastery soon commissioned the painting. So, it was not his to own. But if you mint an NFT of your next big creation, only you hold the copyrights to it. Also, minting an NFT is far cheaper and easier than getting copyrights registration.

Glimpse makes it even better by utilizing the Gasless Network (GSN) through a third-party relayer. This means that you don’t have to hold an Ethereum and spend on extra gas fees for minting an NFT. The transaction fee to Glimpse even covers the gas fees of Ethereum. Now, that’s what we call a steal!

Glimpse’ Decentralized SM Network: Where Creators Can Own Their Story

Glimpse Token

Can you name a social media platform where you can mint money by just posting a video? Even if you get to the stage of monetizing your content, the platform decides your income. Plus, there is the constant fear of censorship. Big platforms have the right to take down your video without an explanation.

Blockchain-based decentralized social media platforms like Glimpse mitigate this fear. Glimpse is creating a fair market where creatives, celebrities, and influencers can make money directly from the value that they produce. This way, they can regain control of their livelihoods and their content.

That being said, let’s look at Glimpse’s value proposition to its creators and consumers:

  • Glimpse turns content into NFTs and allows influencers to generate income from them directly.
  • Funds early adopters’ wallets with the native token, GLMS, that they can use to cover the cost of minting an NFT.
  • Influencers can set a fixed price for their NFTs or auction them off.
  • Influencers can earn royalties on their NFTs whenever there is a future resale.
  • Glimpse runs on the blockchain (duh!), which means transactions are secure and immutable.
  • At the same time, Glimpse allows non-crypto currency users to get paid in fiat currency.


Mainstream social media is outright exploitative. A creator makes a tiny fraction of what the platform makes, which is centralization at its best or worst.

Blockchain is here to change all that by decentralizing content creation and consumption. Glimpse is an example of how creators can have complete monetary control over their content. Consumers also play the role of decision-makers in gaining autonomy over their preferences.

On Glimpse, fans and viewers get to buy NFTs as rare collectibles and earn from their future resale value. What’s more — they get paid in the Glimpse native token, GLMS, for engaging on the platform! Now, if that does not reason enough for you to join Glimpse, we don’t know what is.

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