Tariq Johnson Shares the Keys to Launching a Successful Franchise

December 03 19:54 2021
Buying a franchise is a secret tactic within The Great Resignation.

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic caused many to re-evaluate their priorities and life choices. In its wake is the massive record of quit numbers in the American workforce, dubbed as The Great Resignation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August 2021 alone. While the workforce shift brought about financial uncertainties for many, Tariq Johnson, an experienced franchise owner and franchise coach, says there’s a secret tactic to ensure financial security even in these challenging times – that is franchising.

As someone who worked in the corporate industry for years, Tariq is familiar with the challenges of working under someone. He says being an employee often means following a rigid schedule and lacking positional advantage to act on ideas and control income. These are some of the main contributing factors that fueled The Great Resignation. People now desire more flexibility and a chance to put their energy into something they’re passionate about.

According to Tariq, franchising enables people to take control of their time and income and achieve their financial dreams without the stress of having to start from scratch and figure it all out by themselves

“Buying a franchise is like a business in a box. You are investing into a proven system, and all you need to do is follow the instructions!” said Tariq.

Tariq started his first franchise in 2017 and generated over $470,000 in sales, becoming profitable in less than 60 days. He has since grown to build amulti-million-dollar franchise business with multiple locations, in a span of four years.

Compared to other business models, franchises are resilient and have resources and support systems that help budding entrepreneurs navigate their new endeavors. Tariq’s comprehensive franchise coaching provides everything that is needed in buying a franchise. It puts clients into the best possible position to succeed, profit, and enjoy a life of freedom and flexibility.

Tariq uses his incredible business insights and industry knowledge as a multi-unit franchise owner to help his clients thrive as entrepreneurs. He draws from his experience to help his clients get their first franchise profitable in less than 60 days – just like he did. He works closely with them to develop a personalized strategy that suits their specific situation and helps them achieve their vision for the future.

With Tariq’s coaching, clients can learn how to move past the fear of making the wrong decisions, avoid losing their hard-earned money, find the right franchise that suits their goals, and master the “How To’s” of a franchise buying process. He also shares his secrets on how to truly know if someone can make money in a franchise and how much they could make.

Franchising could lead to many opportunities that are proven by multiple successful accounts. In this shifting economic landscape, now’s the best time to capitalize on franchising opportunities.

Find more information about Tariq Johnson’s franchise coaching here: https://www.tariqjohnson.com/.

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