Beyond The Mountain Written & Illustrated by Mark Stubbs

November 17 08:33 2021
Beyond The Mountain Written & Illustrated by Mark Stubbs

The world runs on imagination. Every great invention and every solution to a big problem started with a good imaginative mind. The world of tomorrow depends on today’s children, and how it would look like depends on their imagination.

Imagination is all about looking for ways to do something that the world sees as impossible. The best way to build a child’s imagination is to read fictional stories, particularly fantasy fiction books. When children enter a new world to a fantasy world with mystical creatures, they are likely to think beyond the world’s rules they see every day. If they can break the barriers of thoughts within the story, they can do the same in reality.

Mark Stubbs knows this more than anybody, so he has done his part to introduce children to the world of fantasy fiction. In his illustrated novel Beyond The Mountain, he takes the reader on a journey to the land of dwarfs, trolls, and dragons. The lead character Himple, his axe master Master Grimtrunk, and his friends, Podwick and Barnaby, embark on a mission to rescue Flora, daughter of Master Grimtrunk. Their journey through the perilous lands of the trolls and their battle with the troll king.

The story gets interesting when a dragon is introduced in the plot. Moira is a dragon enslaved by the trolls and freed by Himple. The newfound friendship between dwarfs and dragons has a message relevant to the real world, too, and children can learn how to resolve conflict to make new friends. Mabel is another character to look out for, Himple’s mammoth-sized pet, who might be the only one to save the day for them all, but the problem is: he is encaged back in the dwarf’s village.

The adventures of Himple have only begun with the fantasy and mystery of the dwarfs’ rescue mission in Beyond The Mountain. The story is made even more colourful with the illustrations for each character so that children can imagine and feel as if they are part of every scene.

Beyond The Mountain is published with SEO Pro Hub and Written & Illustrated by Mark Stubbs.

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