Australian Startup Voice of Health Redefining the Mental Wellbeing Journey

November 16 05:33 2021
Voice of Health is a preventive mental health organization that has developed a platform in the form of a free mobile app that provides a safe place where users can talk one-on-one with a trained Active Listener who understands them.

According to World Health Organization, “depression is one of the leading causes of disability while suicide is the leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. People with severe mental health conditions die prematurely, as much as two decades early, due to preventable physical conditions.“

Although awareness regarding mental health is steadily being raised globally, the rise of mental issues and problems has been all but halted. Voice of Health, an Australian mental health organization, was founded to help people address their mental challenges by developing a scalable and accessible mobile platform.

”Voice of Health attends to the need for an effective preventative mental health solution in the Australian and global community. We value the importance of lived experience, empathy, power of perspective, and self-managing your mental well-being.” emphasized Co-Founder James Hatchman.

A key differentiator of the platform is that it enables individuals to self-designate their peer support person (Active Listener) based on their shared lived experience with mental health, providing a deeper level of compassion and understanding between individuals and their chosen Active Listeners on the app. Built comparable to popular networking apps, the technology allows users to select and connect with a support person who resonates with their unique needs, overcoming the costly and time-consuming trial and error process commonly experienced when seeking support in the traditional mental health system.

“Voice of Health is an accessible, safe, and free resource people can truly rely on as they navigate the common day-to-day fluctuations of their mental health journey. Our primary intent with the platform is to empower individuals to self-manage their experiences by accompanying and guiding them for as often and as long as they need. By redefining and streamlining the journey we achieve positive mental health outcomes in the community,”

Voice of Health offers a unique journey towards improved mental wellbeing, led by a team of Active Listeners, who are trained to empathize, build trust, boost self-esteem, motivate, and educate individuals regarding self-management of personal mental well-being.

“Active Listeners are here to provide personalized, empathetic, and goal-orientated support when you need it. Active Listeners are your peers who have personal lived experience and can empathize with the challenges you face.“ described Co-Founder Luke Karabatsos.

Some of the main benefits of approaching Voice of Health include access to support regardless of geographical location, abilities, or culture; security and confidentiality; a stigma-free platform; multi-level support, and highly approachable prices.

Voice of Health is also offering free courses for aspiring Active Listeners. As the brand states, “active listening is one of the greatest secrets to true empathy.”  The course is designed to upskill individuals with this important skill while offering the benefits of self-paced learning in a healthy community.

Many aspirants who are now full-time Active Listeners have shared their experiences on the brand’s platform. Julie has described the course as “perspective”, stating:

“I believe many leaders who “think” themselves as good leaders and good active listeners can learn from this presentation, there is much to glean. It sends a positive message, but also a tone of self-awareness and mindfulness in how we engage people. Well done.”

More information about Voice of Health can be found on the organization’s official website.

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