Gluteboost Meets The Modern Entrepreneurial Women

November 13 03:57 2021

Gluteboost wants to make a difference in the lives of their customers not only with great results from their products, but also in their overall health and fitness goals. The company’s ambition is to be an example to other Millennial and GenZ women looking to grow their curves in a natural way. A company highly managed by Millennials and GenZ women, they are adamant about being the front door to the Curve-Enhancing-Hourglass-Figure market.

This leading US-based health and beauty eCommerce company offers plant-derived formulations that are a powerful approach in its socio-cultural demand for bigger curves.  

Gluteboost, a health and beauty eCommerce company, is redefining herbal formulations for targeted-driven results to help their customers looking to get that bigger butt faster without having to go under the knife or with extreme exercise.

The company is adamant about the impact they want to make in the lives of other women in their professional and personal development, boost entrepreneurial mindset, career development, professional mentorship, and skill building incentives. 

“Women should feel inspired to accomplish their dreams, be educated, do different, and know that anyone can make a greater impact in this world. That’s where Gluteboost also wants to come into the picture,” says Gluteboost Chief Executive Officer Susana Campanella. 

Susana takes pride in Gluteboost’s authority as the only company with this women-driven ambition. The company says they don’t only deliver real clinically and scientifically proven results, but that they will be providing women entrepreneurs tools to make a difference in their personal and professional lives. 

One of its best-selling weight loss products is the Slaytea Slimming Blend, which is already helping women in the executive team of Gluteboost drop measurements and slim the natural way. They say they are “not only talking the talk, but also enjoying walking the walk.”

The SlayTea helps energize, fight bloating, and remove toxins—all while losing weight and boosting metabolism. It is an all-natural rich tea recipe with unmatched properties that help reduce inflammation in the abdominal area, helping women drop measurements and burn more calories.  

The SlayTea contains Turmeric Root, a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that also helps improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. It has Sencha Tea, which is rich in antioxidants, assisting women in protecting them from molecules called free radicals. 

Meanwhile, the Yerba Mate Leaf contains several beneficial plant nutrients, including Xanthines, which are compounds that act as stimulants. SlayTea has Hibiscus Flower, which has natural acids that help purify the skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover. Senna Leaf, a popular herbal remedy, also aids in weight loss and detox. 

Another bestseller is the BootyDream Butt Enhancing Cream, which deeply moisturizes and uses an innovative formula with plant-derived ingredients, and innovative compounds scientifically proven to enlarge localized fat cells.  

Women in the executive team of Gluteboost can give themselves a boost to reach their booty goals faster with the BootyDream Butt cream, which contains powerful and innovative ingredients such as Voluplus and Volufiline that have proven science to give them real results. 

Volufiline promotes body volume using a lipofilling-like effect, creating lipid storage which expands the cells at the subcutaneous layer. Case studies have shown cells to increase up to 22 times their original size. Voluplus increases the creation of new cells that can store these lipids, increasing the number of cells to be filled and expanded. These two ingredients, combined with the moisturizing benefits of aloe, shea butter, and coconut oil, will give women the full, tight, toned butt of their dreams.

Susana says Gluteboost is all about change and boost. “We want to boost our Babes’ gain results, weight loss results, and all while boosting your overall health,” she confirms. For every purchase, the company donates a portion to its local food bank. Gluteboost wants its social sustainability efforts to be geared toward women’s mental and physical health. 

Those who want to learn more about Gluteboost and the entire list of products it offers may visit the website for more information.

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