Cintinc Presents the Neutralizr: An Exquisite Non-Lethal Home Defense Security Systems

November 13 02:03 2021
Cintinc Neutralizr is an American home security company that has developed an eco-friendly, non-lethal security system.

According to the statistics provided by, “one property crime happens every 4 seconds. One burglary occurs every 20 seconds. One violent crime occurs every 25 seconds.” The US Department of Justice also reports that over 2,000,000 homes will experience a break-in or burglary this year.

Security is of utmost importance to both homeowners and business owners, many of which are left to fend for themselves due to the introduction of anti-gun policies and limitations imposed on police departments.

Cintinc, the world’s first Virtual Security Guard™ company, has developed an innovative, eco-friendly non-lethal security system that was specifically designed to stop would-be burglars, thieves, and perpetrators in their tracks as fast as possible.

The brand’s proprietary Neutralizr is a unique non-lethal home defense weapon that is equipped with advanced technologies and features that are capable of incapacitating perpetrators from a safe distance in a matter of seconds.

Cintinc also adds that its Neutralizer non-lethal active defense system was also designed for use in schools, churches, and businesses, stating:

Neutralizr has been designed to help Homeowners, Security Officers, Schools, Churches, Businesses, and Law Enforcement to receive information faster when there is a threat or violent event. Neutralizr ends the threat at a safe distance.

The brand adds that Neutralizr features automatic features meant to establish dependable safety protocols in record time. Neutralizr includes visual identification and one-button activation via smartphone.

Cintinc emphasizes that quick action is paramount when dealing with thieves and burglars, stating:

“Our system adds automated texts and calls to start your safety responses and protocols within seconds. In a new space that has many ideas on what protocols are best, we can all agree that saving time saves lives. More importantly, Neutralizr is the only non-lethal active defense system that actually stops and debilitates the intruder for convenient law enforcement apprehension.”

Some of the most prominent features of the Neutralizr home defense system are automated alerts and immediate notifications while its highlight function is the non-lethal weapon that utilizes a debilitating chemical spray and 1200-lumen dazzler.

The dye-infused stream shot from Neutralizr is capable of incapacitating assailants for approximately 45 minutes, which provides sufficient time for local law enforcement forces to come to the scene and handle the situation from there.

Neutralizr features built-in HD cameras, which documents footage of perpetrators that is sent along with notifications and alerts, allowing the assailed valuable information upon which to react adequately.

The system immediately notified local law enforcement upon activation while alerts are sent to the building staff that will have more than enough time to engage safety protocols. The brand emphasizes that Neutralizr provides the much-needed time to prepare and react while ensuring that perpetrators are immobilized until the police backup arrives.

More information about Cintinc’s Neutralizr home security system can be found on the brand’s official website.

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