Eco-friendly wallet with a digital vCard is the next smart switch

November 12 18:45 2021

According to a U.S. Survey, around 27 million business cards are printed each day and more than 7 billion in a year. But do we really need to carry a physical business card with us at all times? A survey suggests that 88% of all the business cards end up being thrown away within the first week, and 63% of the recipients throw them away because they don’t need the services then and there. All this only adds to the other industrial wastage, which ultimately goes to huge landfills and then to our oceans.   

The extraordinarily practical way to get out of this mess is simply switching to an intelligent business card. MoneyPort is a compact, durable, and lightweight high-end wallet manufactured in Germany which comes with an in-built digital business card. In the world of business, networking and making the right first impression always go a long way. With MoneyPort, you enjoy complete flexibility and the option to update your vCard details anytime, anywhere, without incurring any additional costs. 

With MoneyPort, consumers will get a value-added and smarter alternative to using the traditional business cards which are not environment friendly at all. Moreover, they do not serve the purpose in today’s fast-changing business dynamics. MoneyPort aims to drive a positive behavioural change in the consumers and help them make smart and eco-friendly choices. 

The sleek and classy smart wallet is for every business person and entrepreneur who values making a special first impression and for the connoisseurs of stainless steel who like their accessories robust and clean. Moreover, it enables you to manage, categorize and sort all your business contacts in one place so you can save time for other important things in life. 

Ironmill, the parent company of MoneyPort has been in the business of manufacturing high-end consumer products for many years and plan to expand their business globally with their recent Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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