Meet PumpCup®, the Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser That Conveniently Fits in a Car’s Cup Holder

November 11 17:03 2021
Introducing the best hand sanitizer dispenser that keeps hands clean on the go!

Now more than ever, preventive measures like frequent hand washing and sanitizing are essential to take care of one’s health. But since soap and water are not accessible at all times, using hand sanitizers has become the ideal option in keeping the hands clean, especially when traveling by car.

And to make hand sanitizing even more convenient, PumpCup® came up with the perfect automotive accessory that will help people conveniently clean their hands on the go – the PumpCup® Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. “PumpCup is the first and only ergonomically designed hand sanitizer dispenser that fits into your car’s cup holder,” says the team behind the brand.

Not just for hand sanitizers, the dispenser is also great for hand lotion, which is essential to keep the hands moisturized, especially now that the winter months are fast approaching.

The PumpCup® Hand Sanitizer Dispensers can hold up to eight ounces of one’s favorite hand sanitizer or hand lotion and are made of durable, high density plastic that filters out 100% of UV light for increased product stability. Not to mention these containers are made in the USA, earth-friendly, and refillable.

Available in 17 unique designs, the PumpCup® Hand Sanitizer Dispensers can be purchased on their own or as a complete travel package, which includes the refreshing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Refill Gel – a fragrance-free sanitizer that contains aloe vera and vitamin E, as well as 62% alcohol to kill 99.99% of germs.

Each dispenser bottle retails at $8.95, while the refill gel alone is priced at $9.95. If bought as a set, these two products will only cost a total of $15.95.

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PumpCup® is the first and only ergonomically designed hand sanitizer dispenser that fits into the car’s cup holder.

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