Waji brings PTSD treatment into the modern age without talk therapy.

November 10 19:27 2021
Waji is out to become a game-changer in the PTSD and Trauma space and a long-awaited solution for the millions of people who suffer from untreated post-traumatic stress.

Waji, a new cutting-edge digital therapeutic, offers a fresh and innovative approach to helping people who suffer from phobias and trauma heal from the comfort and privacy of their homes. The company offers a safe, confidential, and non-invasive means of treating trauma symptoms that don’t require a therapist or any waiting. 

Patients can get started in minutes and begin seeing results right away. All they need is a computer and access to the internet. Waji is self-guided and requires just minutes per session, with only a few short sessions each week until no longer needed.

“Traditional therapies don’t work well for PTSD, ASD, (Acute Stress Disorder), trauma or phobias because most therapy only engages the logical side of your brain, but trauma is associated with the emotional side of your brain, a place most therapies can’t reach. That’s where Waji comes into the picture,” Dr. David Bonanno, Waji’s founder, said in a statement.

The company’s proprietary healing process & rapid-eye movement technology effortlessly lowers the distress associated with the trauma event, providing instant relief and, over time, long-lasting significant relief from trauma symptoms.

Waji was inspired by Dr. Bonanno’s personal experience with PTSD, as well as his struggles navigating the mental health system as a patient. After 26 years of suffering from the disorder, he came to the realization that traditional therapies and medications were largely ineffective, expensive, emotionally painful, and making his condition worse. 

“I did everything I could to get better, but nothing worked. I wanted to love myself as a person, have more energy, feel happier, be more confident, and have more money in my pocket,” Dr. Bonanno shared.

After continuously being let down by every treatment, he decided to go back to school to earn a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He studied & tried every therapy, started practicing under some of the best psychologists in the country, and met more and more people like himself who were also frustrated at the lack of effective treatments available for trauma. After a lifetime of pain, research, and study, he has worked with thousands PTSD clients to create and refine a better approach to treating PTSD – and that is how Waji was born.

Dr. Bonanno created Waji for people who are suffering from trauma and need help now. He knows which treatments produce results and which don’t because he has experienced PTSD treatment from both sides of the coin, as a therapist and as a patient. He used this expertise to ensure Waji accounted for the gaps that most other trauma treatments fail to address. 

“Waji is unlike many treatments because it doesn’t require years of costly therapy or that you talk about your most painful memories over and over. It doesn’t require any pharmaceuticals either,” said Dr. Bonanno. Waji helps the brain process the root cause of the trauma naturally, using techniques that effectively reset the fight or flight response to a healthy untraumatized state. It is an affordable, fast, and easy solution for long-lasting relief for those suffering after experiencing something stressful or traumatic.

Waji offers two programs depending on the complexity of PTSD & trauma, or personal preference. A self-guided treatment option, and a program that includes coaching where patients with more severe trauma can meet and work through a treatment plan with a licensed therapist. Both programs include dedicated support seven days a week and plenty of treatment resources to ensure patients’ success.

Jen, a recent Waji member, had great things to say about her treatment experience after just a couple of sessions. Jen and her husband both joined Waji after witnessing a tragic accident involving one of their beloved dogs. 

Jen said: “I can’t even explain to you how powerful Waji is and how much it made a change for us. I also have some other trauma I’m working through with Waji. It’s an incredible tool. Dr. Bonanno is excellent. His team is excellent. I can’t recommend it [Waji] enough.”

Waji helped Jen and her husband move forward after witnessing a tragedy. Waji is for any level severity of trauma. Results varies by individual, trauma complexity, and program participant.  Those who want to reap the same benefits from the treatment experience may visit the website for more information.

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