Skin Moderne Featured in Lip Gloss and Aftershave

November 10 18:33 2021

Lip & Gloss Aftershave publishes a new feature about Skin Moderne and how the luxurious Cleansing Gel Smoothie is an essential part of their home skincare routine.

Skin Moderne’s Cleansing Gel Smoothie was the first product to be reviewed and raved about, as well as the first step in the daily home skincare routine by Lip & Gloss Aftershave. This popular platform reviews all things new, hot, and happening in skincare. The cleanser was followed by Skin Moderne’s AHA/BHA and Luminous Serums, C-Fusion Serum, and Moisture Infusion Night moisturizer. These products were chosen to brighten up the user’s skin, though its other amazing effects also shocked and delighted them. 

Lip & Gloss Aftershave’s platform offers a place for honest, informative, and up-to-date information, including reviews and advice… and Skin Moderne’s science-backed, innovative, and effective treatments all impressed the reviewers. Lip & Gloss Aftershave reviewed five of Skin Moderne’s products from their skincare line. Starting off, their Cleansing Gel Smoothie containing nutrient-dense superfoods came highly recommended. The three serums they also reviewed—AHA/BHA serum, Luminous Serum, and C-Fusion serum—followed the cleanser. Each of these products blend skincare technology and potent, quality ingredients for maximum results—as well as a gratifying experience. Last in the reviewed Skin Moderne skincare routine was their Moisture Infusion Night Moisturizer, containing nourishing, top-shelf ingredients that boost moisture, rejuvenate, and protect the skin’s barrier. 

“This gel cleanser is an incredible surprise when you are considering a highly effective, professional skincare brand,” said Lip & Gloss Aftershave in their review. “Clear and fragrance-free, I used this every morning. This is a delicious serum that felt like velvet as I applied it to the skin.”

Lip & Gloss Aftershave reviews the newest, latest, and best in trending skincare products, including ingredients, technology, and techniques. They keep their community updated and well-informed about the ever-evolving world of the beauty and skincare industry. Recently, Lip & Gloss Aftershave sat down with some of the Skin Moderne team and got to chat about their brand, as well as their dedication to skin wellness. Skin Moderne’s Richard and Wendy talked about how they implement the latest technology, top-quality ingredients, and their commitment to skin health in all their products. The Skin Moderne team also got to talk about some of their innovative techniques, and their dedication to giving their consumers a gratifying experience. Their products exceed expectations while staying true to their “clean and green” promise.  

Skin Moderne has been featured in Lip & Gloss Aftershave numerous times for its unique and relentless devotion to producing effective treatments and products, as well as its commitment to creating non-toxic beauty solutions. 

Read the full detailed review on Lip & Gloss Aftershave here.

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